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Theo (currently)

Keiko (aka Theo); Charity/Greed; "Neko-mata scoundrel

Once I was called Keiko, although I was barely able to conceive what the noise meant. It would be years before I realized it was my name, years before I realized what I could be. Then when it happened, that delightful little saucer of milk & bits of fish just didn't seem to encompass the whole of the meaning of life to me anymore. I wanted more. More fish. More mice. More. I wanted it all. Not just the twine & feather toys I once loved. I wanted...fine shoes, jewelry, exquisite hats. I wanted to wine & dine amongst them. I wanted to be them. And I would be. I just needed to stand up on two legs and the...proper attire. <feline grin>

Since then I have worn many guises and used many names, forever leaving one behind & moving on to another. It is unfortunate, for no matter how fond I may become of one name or another, they always wear out & I must move on to another face. As for my name, I do very much like the name Theo. It settles upon my shoulders well, like a comfy vest tailored especially for you. I have been Theo Lancaster, Lord Theo, that was fun, Theo Duckett, less fun (never be a peasant if you have a choice in the matter), amongst other names. I've even been a few ladies, although I must say I prefer the gender the gods granted me upon birth over the fairer sex. Underneath it all, I still know I am Keiko, but Theo is a fun hat to wear & play with.

I left the lands of my birth long ago, the land where I came to know my true self. My rebirth was both a thing of awe and a thing of horror. I was young and the concept of conscience & regret did not weigh on me. Good people died that should not have and I could not care. I was a monster of death & flame. The people rose up against me & I fled. Years passed & I lived in the wilds when I was not living amongst humanity in their villages or cities. Eventually I would be found & chased away. But I learned how better to hide myself amongst them & to be cautious. Those who were kind to me I would reward. Those who were cruel, I would visit with terror. I kept moving on, new faces, new places, always in search of somewhere new to make my home. I crossed many lands & waters until eventually I found my way here to UnderLondon. A place for monsters, yet so close to the wonderful world of humanity above. Both a home for Keiko and a place for Theo to play.

I am a monster. I do terrible, terrible things - but only if I do not like you. And then I will wear your face, and together you & I shall wine & dine with the beautiful people while I rob them blind. And through you I shall do kindness to those I adore & pain those I despise. Then when I am done with you, I will cast you off & move on with my spoils to another name, yet another adventure amongst the world of man.

  • Attributes: Intelligence X, Wits X, Resolve X; Strength X, Dexterity X, Stamina X; Presence X, Manipulation X, Composure X
  • Abilities:
  • Merits:
  • Advantages: Health X, Willpower X, Wisdom X, Size X, Speed X, Defense X (Armor -), Initiative X