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Ooh aren't I mysterious! .. or currently undecided. Stupid eye of the beholder!


  • Virtue: Charity Faith Fortitude Hope Justice Prudence Temperance; Vice: Envy Gluttony Greed Lust Pride Sloth Wrath; Concept: X
  • Seeming: X; Kith: X; Court: X
  • Attributes
    • Mental: Intelligence X, Wits X, Resolve X
    • Physical: Strength X, Dexterity X, Stamina X
    • Social: Presence X, Manipulation X, Composure X
  • Abilities
    • Mental: Academics X, Computer X, Crafts X, Investigation X, Medicine X, Occult X, Politics X, Science X
    • Physical: Athletics X, Brawl X, Drive X, Firearms X, Larceny X, Stealth X, Survival X, Weaponry X
    • Social: Animal Ken X, Empathy X, Expression X, Intimidation X, Persuasion X, Socialize X, Streetwise X, Subterfuge X
  • Merits
    • Mental: X
    • Physical: X
    • Social: X
    • Changeling: X
  • Wyrd: X (Glamour/Turn: X); Contracts: X
  • Health [Size + Stamina], Willpower [Resolve + Composure], Clarity X ([Derangements])
  • Size [5], Speed [Strength + Dexterity + 5], Defense [Lowest of Dexterity and Wits], Initiative [Dexterity + Composure]
  • Weapons: Weapon (Stats)
  • Armor: X (equipment/source)
  • Flaws: X