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Rory Quinn
Graduate Student at University of Astoria
Rory is enjoying the process of training the traceurs on his team, and though he hasn't said anything, can see them easily coming to compete at some of the competitions at some point in the future. He's become fast friends with all of them, and they regard him as a distinct mentor figure.
Dana Redmond
Senior at Astoria High School
Though Dana first started coming to train with the Trailjumpers because her boyfriend Kraig and best friend Omar were showing up, she has taken Marie's challenge to become another traceuse. She's discovered that she's got some skill at it, and is genuinely in love with the sport.
Kraig Tillman
Senior at Astoria High School
Omar invited Kraig to a get-together he found advertised on the Internet as a way of hopefully breaking his friend out of his funk after getting kicked off the track team. Fortunately, Kraig has discovered that he loves parkour, although it's a source of slight frustration to him that his girlfriend is almost entirely surpassed him in its practice.
Marie Dumond
Sophomore at University of Astoria
Brash and explosive in her movements, Marie considers herself one of the few folks on the team to truly understand "Flow" - she's lived in the kind of urban setting that necessitated the development of le parkour, and she understands what it's like to be part of that environment. She considers Dana something of a little sister, though she's learned to not bring up the topic of her and Kraig's relationship (which Dana insists is their One True Love, while Marie has opinions on the longevity of high school romances).
Omar Chandler
Junior at Astoria High School
One of Omar's steady interests since middle school has been parkour. He's followed various forums and videos on the internet, and when he discovered that a traceur had arrived to attend university in Astoria and was advertising forming a group, he invited his friends Kraig and Dana. Omar is probably the most serious of the athletes under Rory's tutelage.
Rook Jaspersen
Freshman at University of Astoria
Carefree and easy-going, Rook enjoys the hell out of the parkour they're learning from Rory, though he's easily the least-serious athlete on the team. He probably misses half of the work-outs, though he's almost always there for the social nights.