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[edit] Districts of Boltmere

[edit] Broken Top

District Inform.

  • Grazny Spire: - The Local seat of government. A stone tower built at the highest point point in Botlmere (such as it is).

[edit] Raven Ridge

[edit] Palava Hill

[edit] The Docks

[edit] The Shambles

[edit] The Outskirts

[edit] Factions of Boltmere

[edit] Plantation Owners

The wealthy individuals who are responsible for the Growing of Vonna's Sapphire. They make extensive use of slave labor to do this.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • To Put down the Slave Unrest without a significant loss of Mercandise (Both Human and Vonna Sapphire)
  • Keep Profits high by safeguarding the flow of Vonna's Sapphire.

[edit] Merchants Guild

An association of the wealthier Merchants and Tradesman in Boltmere.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • An end to the rioting. This is the group who is most damaged by the Riots.
  • Removal of the Refugee's who are causing overcrowding and driving prices up.

[edit] Temple of Morr

The priesthood of Morr in Boltmere. They also have a great deal of influence with the other non-Sigmarite clergy in the city.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • They want the Heretics of the Last Light of Sigmar gone.
  • Deal with the Undead Menace in the swamp.
  • Unknown

[edit] The Cartel

Some form of shadowy criminal organization. They are rumored to be involved in the trade of the drugs Tapestry and Wyrd.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • Unknown

[edit] Imperial Refugees

Refugees from the empire. Most of them live in the Shambles. Many are without work, and others work as cheap labor throughout Boltmere.
Current Standing: Unknown
Leaders: Bertold Rook, Lukas Vogt, Father Conrad Fehr
What they Want

  • Improve the living conditions of the Imperial Refugees in Boltmere.
    • Much more living space is needed.
    • Much more food is needed.
    • Work is needed.
  • Unknown Goal
  • Unknown Goal

[edit] The Last Light of Sigmar

A group of Sigmarite Imperial Refugees who have claimed territory in the Shambles. Many of them wear a white armband with two red streamers symbolizing the twin tailed comet of Sigmar.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • Unknown

[edit] Slaves

Slaves working the Plantations of Vonnas Sapphire. They are a mixture of criminals, debtors and slaves purchased from the Blutpool slave markets.
Current Standing: Unknown
What they Want

  • Unknown

[edit] Boltmere Lexicon

[edit] Drugs

Tapestry: A strong hallucinogenic and euphoric. It turned at least one person into a shit monster (Chaos Spawn). Contains Vonna's Sapphire and minute amounts of Warpstone. Aka known as Warpweft Dust.
Wyrd: A drug that is rumored to make you "better". It's container showed strong traces of Dhar when viewed with witchsight.

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