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[edit] Game Calendar

January, 2008

Feburary, 2008

  • TBD

[edit] Game Wikis Hosted

[edit] Oakthorne's Games

  • Epulae Consilium, a Mage: the Awakening chronicle set in New York. One year ago, the Awakened of New York disappeared entirely. In the wake of the Feast of Wisdom, New York is a power vacuum, with Hallows, Sanctums and other objects and places of power just waiting to be claimed. But what happened to the old Consilum of New York, and could it happen again?
  • Fimbulwinter, a Scion game centered around the Scions of the Aesir, set in the United States, 2012.
  • Nightbloom Garden, a Shadowrun 4th Edition game set in New Orleans, 2070. The name is inspired by the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carrey, and is about a group of prostitutes who turn to shadowrunning as a means of keeping their brothel independent. Run by Oakthorne.
  • Pride of Lions, an Exalted, Second Edition game about a Circle of Solars who started their fellowship even before the Exaltation, as a group of gladiators called the Nine Luminous Lions. Set in the Scavenger Lands. Run by Oakthorne.

[edit] Tabrumj's Games

  • Aurora Chronicles, an Exalted Second Edition game set in the North. Run by Tabrumj.
  • Duty, Honor, Family: the Albremair Chronicles, a True20/Blue Rose game set in Jeff's Ambria setting. Run by Tabrumj.
  • Ecce Antiquo: The Journal of the Field Historical Society. A Mage: the Awakening game based out of Chicago in 1932. Run by Tabrumj
  • Janus Foundation, a World of Darkness game about a detective agency based in Portland, OR. Run by Tabrumj.
  • Templars North, To the rest of the World, the Naos Group is a small philanthropic and academic organization of little account. But they are more than that, for in truth, they know of the World of Legend, and are dedicated to the retrieval and preservation of the things of the ancient world. Forgotten magics, the relics of heroes and gods, and even the creatures of yore all fall within the Naos Group's aims. Something, however, has changed. In recent days, the powers of Legend have grown stronger in the World once more, and the gods have chosen their Scions. These events have not gone unnoticed by the Naos Group, who have approached those Scions they can find, and made them an offer: If the Scions will help accomplish the goals of the Naos Group, the organization will put its resources at their disposal. This is a chronicle for Scion. Run by Tabrumj.
  • Upon Blood-Drenched Sands, A D&D 4E Darksun game.

[edit] Rufuscub's Games

  • Southern Shadows, an Exalted Second Edition game set in the slums of Chiaroscuro.

[edit] Tabrumj's Games

  • Lunars, an Exalted Second Edition game set in the East. Run by Tabrumj.

[edit] Burticus' Games

[edit] Maiannos' Games

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