Shadow of the Raven

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[edit] Player Characters

  • Ravandil, a wood elf of exceptional comportment and magical talent
  • Magnus, a human hedge wizard of smelly comportment and hexing talent
  • Siegfried, a human of oblivious comportment and stabby talent
  • Wulfhilde, a human of feminist comportment and toxic talent
  • Alonzo Estevez, a human of mentor-y comportment and swordy talent

[edit] Character Resources

[edit] Vysocina Province

Vysocina NPCs

[edit] Barony of Drakonvelt

Towns of Drakonvelt

  • Ostrava, a small lumber-producing settlement in the northeast, along the Ostrava River

[edit] Resources

Religion in Warhammer
Magic in Warhammer
Rules Summary

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