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Everyone is talking about it. Late in the winter, three gryphons flew in ahead of the last blizzard of the season. They circled the palace, alarming everyone. For perhaps a full hour in the middle of a wintery day, they flew above the palace, and the air was rich with psychic emanations.

Then, the guards stood down, and the gryphons landed in Azure Plaza. They say that Queen Jaelin herself emerged from the palace, bowed, and welcomed them to Aldis. She escorted them into the palace.

That was three weeks ago.

In those three weeks, a call has gone out - a call for very specific allies and agents of the Crown. They have come to Aldis, one at a time, and the one thing they have in common is that they are all rhy-bonded. They've come in pairs, rhydan and rhy-bonded, each of them proven and capable.

The gryphons have a need, but their kind are very wary of two-legged folk. So Queen Jaelin has called upon those whose hearts are proven true by their connection with rhydan, and this test is sufficient for the gryphon envoys. Everyone is talking about it, wondering what they want, what their arrival portends.

[edit] Player Characters

[edit] Character Creation Rules

  • PCs should be made up of rhy-bonded pairs of characters, one rhydan and one non-rhydan.
  • PCs will start at 3rd level.

[edit] Setting

[edit] Nation of Aldis

  • Stewich, a small hamlet along the NW road out of Aldis. Location of the "Maiden & Cask" coaching inn.
  • Kella's Ford, a formerly fortified town that commands one of the few fords along the winding length of the Imthreema River in eastern Aldis.

[edit] Narrator Characters

Aedolie of Kella's Ford
Girl Orphaned by Bandits
A sweet-natured girl of twelve years, found by the rhy-bear Dunra in the Forest of Many Arrows after bandits killed her parents and older brother. Dunra adopted her for a time, protecting her as best she could while the she-bear hunted bandits.
Rhy-bear of the Forest of Many Arrows
A rhy-bear from the Forest of Many Arrows whose good friend, a rhy-stag, was murdered by bandits. In seeking vengeance, Dunra found the orphaned human child Aedolie and sought to protect her while she continued her hunt for the bandits that killed both their loved ones.
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