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[edit] Player Characters

London, England
During the Reign of Queen Victoria
Population: 5,633,806 (1896)
The City
Central London, based around the "Square Mile" that is the old original walled city of London.
BloomsburyCharing CrossCovent GardenThe Docks & WappingHolborn • The Square MileSt. Giles
The West End
Formerly swathes of farmland, the West End is now home to many grand houses and sections of new city life.
BayswaterBelgraviaBrompton & ChelseaFulhamHammersmithKensal GreenKensingtonMaryleboneMayfairNotting HillPaddingtonPimlico • St. James (Clubland)St. Johns Wood • St. Pancras • Westminster
The Hills
The high ridge north of old London. Formerly agricultural, but the city has grown over and swallowed up the old farms into new metropolitan areas.
Former VillagesIslingtonHampstead • Highbury • HighgateHolloway
The East End
Poverty and crime are a way of life in the East End. Home to the desperate, as well as those immigrants who rarely find a welcome anywhere else in the city.
Limehouse & the Isle of Dogs • Mile End & StepneyWhitechapel
The Southwark
The southern bank of the Thames, originally where the rich escaped the city. Now it is home to rookeries and poverty, and those industries not tolerated in finer parts of the city.
Battersea & ClamphamBermondseyDeptford & Greenwich • Lambeth • Peckham • Putney • Rotherhithe

Mage Awakening PC Template

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[edit] Storyteller Characters

  • The Maidstone Three: A trio of mages originally from Maidstone, in Kent, who are now all in London. Each of them has at least one apprentice.

[edit] Chronicle Resources

  • Solium Speculorum Chronicle Stats, a compilation of the Attributes, Skills and Arcana ratings of the PCs in the chronicle, used to determine relative importance of focus areas to the group.

[edit] Victorian London

[edit] Noteworthy Locales

  • The Low Tide: a Limehouse gambling den, one of the "copper hells" frequented by the lower classes. Dice and card games abound, as does the occasional bare-knuckles bout.

[edit] Reference

[edit] Merits

[edit] House Rules

  • WoD Merits: Current Roster: Library (• - •••) and Quick Healer (•• or ••••)
  • WoD Health Levels: House rule regarding World of Darkness Health Trait.
  • Natural Healing: Recovery from injuries in the World of Darkness, including information on medical care. Includes the Quick Healer Merit.
  • WoD Research: System for researching the lore of the World of Darkness.
  • WoD Conditions: Conditions for the World of Darkness.
  • WoD Tilts: Tilts for the World of Darkness.
  • CoD Urban District Traits: The six Traits associated with neighborhoods in Chronicle of Darkness cities.
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