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[edit] Morality

Character Value Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses
Kezi Nemm 48 Enthusiasm • Recklessness
Viebbas Yeeh 37 Bravery • Obsession
Jink Zolfen 65 Bravery • Obstinance

[edit] Duty

Contribution Level: 1 (Recruit-Level)

d100 Roll Character Value Duty
01-17 AB-4 17 Personnel
11-41 Kezi Nemm 24 Support
29-66 Viebbas Yeeh 25 Space Superiority
47-90 Jink Zolfen 24 Support
Total 90

Imperial Galactic Atlas
Empress Teta
Imperial Center
Corellian Sector: CorelliaDuroSelonia
Cato Neimoidia • Devaron
Bothawui • IthorKashyyyk • NabooOrd Mantell • Trandosha
Hutt Space: Nal Hutta
DantooineEriaduKesselMandalore • Mon CalamariRyloth • Sullust • Teth
Major Trade Routes
Corellian RunCorellian Trade SpineHydian WayPerlemian Trade RouteRimma Route

Padmé Amidala did not die, but has become an important figure in the founding of the Rebel Alliance. Since the ascension of Palpatine and the founding of the Empire, she has been a wanted figure, sought by Imperial forces for treason and sedition, and for her recruitment and leadership of what has been dubbed the Rebel Alliance.

Ten years later, she is still a figure sought by the Empire, but she has been missing from Rebel intelligence for over a year. It took a while to realize, due to the decentralized nature of the Alliance, but the conclusion is unmistakable: Amidala is missing.

Alliance leadership agrees, however: if the Empire had her, it would have been crowing about it on every HoloNet feed. Rebellion intelligence indicates that they are still searching just as stridently as they ever have. In response to this, the PCs have been recruited to do what the Empire never could: to find Amidala. Though they are not the most experienced of Rebel agents, they are skilled, as well as being relative unknowns to Imperial intelligence…for now.

[edit] Player Characters

[edit] Companions

  • Sabe Emida, a former handmaiden of Padmé Amidala.

[edit] Ships

  • The Okugoba, a SoroSuub Nestt-class light freighter

[edit] Contact Networks

  • The Eriadu Insurgency: Education (1 • 1) A network of insurgents who focus on HoloNet data-mining and intelligence slicing.
  • Ziacha's Cell: Underworld (1 • 1) A Hutt-run rebel cell working against both the Empire and the kajidics.

[edit] Non-Player Characters

[edit] Mechanics

  • Duty and Contribution, covering the PCs' responsibilities to and role in the Alliance or other organization
  • Motivations, used to determine character Motivations
  • Morality, describing the mechanics behind Morality
  • Hyperspace Travel, used for determining the time it takes by hyperspace routes to reach a given location in the Galaxy.
  • Contact Networks, for networks of informants and experts who can provide information.

[edit] Campaign Resources

[edit] Character Creation

[edit] Resources

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