Magefaire 1354 Cluster H

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Rudaia's Enchantments (H1)

Spell Monographs

  • A rich brocaded tent, with fine Calishite wool on its outer walls. The proprietor has set up an extravagant display of beautiful flowers native to the North, spell-enhanced to create a gentle perfumed aura about the entryway.
  • The interior of the tent is hung with Shou silk along its inner walls, and long diaphanous sheer white-and-gold lengths of cloth hang in its interior, stirring gently in a flower-scented wind. There is ample and comfortable seating within.
  • Spell Monographs: Her monographs are covered in sturdy cloth of a cream color shot through with golden threads, and she writes small messages on the inside of them with the air of lovers' notes.
    • Player's Handbook
      • Cantrips: friends (2 pages, 20 gp), light (6 pages, 18 gp), minor illusion (8 pages, 20 gp), prestidigitation (2 pages, 20 gp)
      • 1st: charm person (4 pages, 35 gp), disguise self (4 pages, 32 gp), silent image (6 pages, 32 gp), sleep (4 pages, 35 gp)
      • 2nd: alter self (6 pages, 70 gp), crown of madness (6 pages, 75 gp), detect thoughts (8 pages, 78 gp), hold person (12 pages, 75 gp), mirror image (12 pages, 75 gp), phantasmal force (10 pages, 70 gp), suggestion (8 pages, 75 gp)
      • 3rd: hypnotic pattern (14 pages, 85 gp), major image (8 pages, 85 gp), sending (12 pages, 90 gp)
      • 4th: confusion (10 pages, 125 gp), fabricate (10 pages, 135 gp), hallucinatory terrain (10 pages, 125 gp), Mordenkainen's private sanctum (16 pages, 145 gp)
      • 5th: creation (14 pages, 215 gp), dominate person (12 pages, 225 gp), dream (16 pages, 180 gp), geas (18 pages, 225 gp), hold monster (18 pages, 190 gp), mislead (14 pages, 220 gp), modify memory (18 pages, 225 gp), Rary's telepathic bond (18 pages, 185 gp), seeming (18 pages, 215 gp)
      • 6th: guards and wards (20 pages, 275 gp), mass suggestion (20 pages, 315 gp), Otto's irresistible dance (14 pages, 290 gp)

Öja Sylmeir, Sage (H2)

Sage (Druidic Lore)

  • Ffolk woman of matronly years.
  • Accompanied by her oldest son, a redheaded, thickly built man of the Ffolk, who is himself a Druid (4th level)
  • 45gp per query

Bendilarth's Books (H3)

Tome Seller

  • Beautiful blue-and-white pavilion tent, with painted signs on either side of the entry. Each sign lists small handpainted holy symbols, with a short list of books offered for that faith or deity within.
  • Lightly burning incense perfumes the air of the tall pavilion, which has altar-like tables lined up on three sides around its edge. These tables display the shop's wares, with lit candelabras at the back of each table lit to provide reading light.
  • Works: Bendilarth's has a long-standing reputation as one of the foremost publishers of fine religious canons, ecclesial writings, and prophecies from various oracles. Their work is almost always religious in nature, and they are willing to publish works from just about any faith, good or wicked.
    • Miraculous Works of the Ages (Six Volume Special Collection): 50 gp per volume. A compilation of some of the magics associated with the faithful over the centuries, painstakingly researched and indexed. (Formula + Schema)
    • A Tashlutan Traveler's Day-Thoughts, by Caladrahan Mhelymbryn, Sage of Matters Holy, 60 gp. (History + Religion)
    • Cults and Clerics: An Accounting of Religious Sects Since the Fall of Netheril, by Prespaerin Cadathlyn, Loremaster Most Exalted of Oghma, 120 gp. (History + Religion)
    • The Rites of Hidden Frost, by High Winterson Gharkoon Tyss, 75 gp. Aurilite holy text. (Arcana + Religion; adds +1% to Formula or Schema research checks involving cold or ice)
    • Utterances from the Altar: Collected Verbal Manifestations of the Divine and Most Holy Lord of Spells, by anonymous priests of Azuth, 85 gp. (Arcana + Formula)
    • The Deeds of Magisters Past, by various clergy of Azuth, 95 gp. (Arcana + History)
    • Unholy Rites of Bhaal, by anonymous clerics & priests of Bhaal, 85 gp. (Religion)
    • The Plow and the Sickle: Chauntean Lessons from Field & Farm, by Greendame Jalil Spaskwul, 45 gp. (Nature + Religion)
    • By Pen & Ink: A Calligraphicon, by High Scrivener Glonthyl Illendo, 65 gp. (Religion; counts as 50 days toward learning the Calligrapher's Supplies Tool Proficiency.)
    • The Eye and Candle: Collected Deneiran Writings, by various Deneiran scriveners, 80 gp. (Religion)
    • Testament of Holy Cartography, by Ilsaer the Wanderer, 65 gp. (Religion; counts as 20 days toward learning the Navigator's Tools Tool Proficiency.)
    • Of Wonders Cunningly Wrought, by divers sources, 155 gp. A Gondish book of clockwork and engineering marvels
    • The Watcher's Canon: A Collection of Helmite Rituals, by anonymous sources, 60 gp.
    • The Surrender of the Self, by various Ilmatran clergy, compiled by Ehrlurus Olneskar of Impiltur, 45 gp.
    • Greeting the Dawn: A Collection of Inspirational Lathanderan Homilies, by Morninglady Shydra Thanter of Berdusk, 25 gp.
    • The Hymnal of the Harp, by First Harpist Rhaen Brindlar, 70 gp. A Mililan hymn book.
    • Di Mysteriis Arcana: Revelations of Mystran Mystery Cults, by author unknown, 85 gp.
    • The Star Blue and White, by First Magistress Naryrlin Mehmil, 65 gp.
    • Woven About Mysteries: Essays on the Nature of the Weave in the Mystran Faith, a collection of Mystran writings, edited by Flathbon Juelarr of Halruaa, 55 gp.
    • The Quill of Truth, by High Keeper Saluthen the Wise, 35 gp. An Oghman text.
    • The Binder's Canon: Rites from Myriad Temples of Oghma, by High Scrivener Glonthyl Illendo, 85 gp.
    • The Eyes Within the Crystal, by Holy Oracle Mulas Erlarr, 75 gp. A Savran text on divination.
    • The Tears of Heaven: A Collection of Selûnite Poetry, by Denera Blesder, 45 gp.
    • The Book of Black Tidings, by Urkitbaeran of Calimport, 35 gp. A Sharite text of prophecy.
    • The Storm Eternal, by author unknown, 120 gp. A text of the Talosan faith.
    • Words on a Wave, by Arthaeuil Nrensam, High Trident of Onthalasp, 45 gp. An Umberleean text.
    • As Ship Upon Sea: Vakuran Prayers for Sailors, by Holy Captain Zhann Thaen of Waterdeep, 70 gp.

Mannur, Sage (H4)

Sage (Magical Creatures)

  • Thick waisted, goateed man, originally from Darkhold Vale
  • Vaguely sinister and suspicious-seeming, though brightens and becomes very excited when discussing magical animals. He is obsessed with unicorns and legends about them, and would like to meet one some day.
  • 50gp per query

Thayan Embassy (H5)

Magocratic Government and Academy • Thay

  • Brilliant crimson tent manned by a trio of Red Wizards at all times. The flag of Thay, and eight banners marked with the symbols of the Zulkirs, fly from the tent's top.
  • They are congenial and charismatic, rolling their eyes at accusations of villainy (while not denying that there are some dangerous folk among their ranks).
  • They discuss the Thayan Academy of magical training as part of the benefits of joining their order, to say nothing of becoming part of the ruling class of a nation entire.