Magefaire 1354 Cluster I

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The Merry Magicwright (I1)

Scroll Scrivener

  • A scrivener of scrolls, selling the following scrolls: x
  • Also sells spellbook enchantments, as follows:

Dunni's Spells (I2)

Spell Monographs

  • A fair-sized tent that has seen better days. It clearly used to be some brownish-dun color, but it has faded to a patched expanse of streaked tan-of-varying-degrees color. Small wind chimes glass ornaments have been hung from the opening to draw attention.
  • A somewhat threadbare shop, manned only by Dunni of Damara the entire time. He has a small pile of pillows and blankets in one corner of his shop that he spends most of his time seated on, and a single table in the back of the shop with one each of his monographs on display.
  • He is also willing to trade spells - one of his monographs for a monograph of an equal level.
  • Spell Monographs: Dunni's monographs are uncovered, and made of scraped parchments. His hand is very fine, though, and he has drawn a simple illustrative cover on the first page of each of them, with the name of the spell beneath it.
    • PHB Spells
      • Cantrip: acid splash (2 pages, 15 gp), dancing lights (2 pages, 15 gp), message (2 pages, 15 gp), prestidigitation (8 pages, 15 gp)
      • 1st: alarm (6 pages, 32 gp), detect magic (10 pages, 32 gp), feather fall (6 pages, 32 gp), mage armor (4 pages, 32 gp), unseen servant (8 pages, 32 gp), witchbolt (6 pages, 32 gp)
      • 2nd: arcane lock (8 pages, 60 gp), continual flame (12 pages, 60 gp), darkvision (12 pages, 60 gp), detect thoughts (10 pages, 60 gp), rope trick (8 pages, 60 gp)
      • 3rd: blink (10 pages, 90 gp), counterspell (8 pages, 90 gp), glyph of warding (14 pages, 90 gp), sending (8 pages, 90 gp)
      • 4th: fabricate (10 pages, 120 gp), Leomund's secret chest (14 pages, 120 gp), polymorph (16 pages, 120 gp), wall of fire (16 pages, 120 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Flawed Strike (Divination 1st • 6 pages, 45 gp): Grants insight into a target's next attack, inflicting disadvantage if the caster can warn their target.
      • Patternweave (Divination 1st • 10 pages, 50 gp): Divines order out of the chaos of a situation or scene.
      • Ghoul Touch (Necromancy 2nd • 10 pages, 85 gp): Causes a touched target to be paralyzed and exude a sickening stench.
      • Explosive Runes (Transmutation 3rd • 10 pages, 115 gp): Creates runes on a page that explode when read by unauthorized persons.

Simibar's Wonders (I3)

Herbalist & Alchemist

  • A light silk tent with swirling green and gold colors, this tent actually radiates warmth onto passersby. A simple hammered brass sign declares it as "SIMIBAR'S WONDERS".
  • Inside, it is very warm, clearly magically so. It smells of lush tropical fruits and astringent herbs, and couches await guests. As a guest is seated, an attendant in thin silk robes greets them and offers a small "menu" of the establishment's goods, and remains on hand to bring examples of the goods for examination and testing. At many of these couches, guests sit around and share a hookah among them.
  • Sells a variety of herbal intoxicants, alchemical sense-enhancers, and luxury items.

The Destroyers (I4)

Mercenary Company • Halruaa

  • A bright red and bleached white pavilion, open to the front, flanked by a pair of braziers that burn with a smokeless fire.
  • The interior has a hanging brazier like a chandelier that heats the tent quite nicely. Inside side is Daltim Flamefist, entertaining guests who have come to hear of his skill and exploits. He will wave those interested in talking about membership in the Destroyers over to one of his mercenary lieutenants, who are happy to show off the Book of the Destroyers, a spellbook of flame- and battle-magic given to every mage recruit.

Joltraer Thisk, Illusionist (I5)

Illusionist (9th level)

  • Happy to provide "aesthetic" spellcasting to make those attending the faire look their best for 50 gp for 12 hours. These can wreathe someone in flames, create great shadowy wings off of their backs, and other similarly outrageous but obviously illusory effects.
  • He can also cast other illusion spells for 25gp per spell level, up to 4th level.

Luiren Sweets (I6)


  • A short tent, with a small overhang to get into the tent proper. A long table separates the entrance from the small clay ovens in the back of the tent, and several halflings bustle about back there, speaking the short quick language of the hin folk.
    • Squalid (1sp): Small pieces of candied fruits
    • Poor (2sp): Small sweetrolls • Small berry tarts
    • Modest (1gp): Brandied fruit tarts • Handcakes
    • Comfortable (2gp): Honeyed pieces of fruit baked into dense spicebread rolls • Slices of rich fruit and nut pies
    • Wealthy (4gp): Slices of magnificent stout- and mead-based cakes, with decadent frostings

The White Bower (I7)

Brothel Tent

  • Soft-trade tent that is essentially a traveling brothel, containing a magnificent mansion that operates as a brothel.
  • Half-dozen beautiful women (Marmara, Eila, Benera, and Kaeja, all human women, plus Miridia, a half-elf and Cajalata, an air genasi from Calimshan) and three men (a moon elf named Yradomé, and two humans named Gunlaw and Kharis) await inside the mansion
  • Tent holds only its proprietor, Siriatha and the portal
  • 100gp per hour, +50gp per hour for additional entertainers

The Dungeoneer's Best Friend (I8)

Dungeoneering Goods

  • Sells various dungeoneering and adventuring goods, notably in kit form.

Khira and Skalda Taeduimel, Moneychangers (I9)


  • Married Sembian couple who offer moneychanging services to the Faire.
  • Skalda is a mage of some small ability, and Khira arranged for this excursion for her wife as a gift to encourage her.
  • The couple charges a mere 1% fee on changing coins.