Magefaire 1354 Cluster M

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Kerra's Handpies (M1)


  • This proprietor sells pasties and smallpies, provender at Squalid, Poor, Modest, and Comfortable lifestyles.

Sybastre's Fine Porcelains (M2)

Enchanted Porcelain Goods

  • Porcelain goods with minor enchantments, particularly dish sets guaranteed not to break under normal non-magical impact for a whole century, and self-cleaning (but not emptying) chamber pots.

The Enchiridion (M3)

Spell Monographs

  • A billowy, shadowy tent of dark grey and purple, all in swirls. A small body of shadows above the entryway form the words for "THE ENCHIRIDION" over and over, shifting from one language to another in repeating fashion.
  • The interior of the tent is very quiet, all sound without seemingly blocked. It is pleasantly dark, and cool, and smells lightly of earthy loam and lavender.
  • The proprietor is a tall, handsome man with black hair that falls in his face and a rogueishly handsome smirk.
  • Spell Monographs: Dark purple cloth covers the monographs of the Enchiridion.
    • Unique Spells
      • Net of Shadows (Illusion 1st • 4 page, 40 gp): Wraps a creature in shadows that limit vision, but also reduce visibility for those attacking it with ranged attacks.
      • Claws of Darkness (Illusion 2nd • 10 page, 200 gp): Summons shadowy claws the caster may use to attack with.
      • Shadowmask (Illusion 2nd • 8 page, 160 gp): Mask of shadows to conceal identity and protect against certain visual-based attacks.
      • Shadow Spray (Illusion 2nd • 6 page, 120 gp): Causes explosion of shadowy ribbons in a given area, weakening and dazing targets subjected to it.
      • Shadow Well (Illusion 4th • 14 page, 360 gp): Causes a target's shadow to become a gateway to a terrifying pocket realm, plunging him into it for a short time.
      • Shadow Hand (Illusion 5th • 12 page, 550 gp): Creates a hand of semisolid shadow that can grant cover or carry objects.

Neverwinter Academy (M4)

Arcane College • Neverwinter

  • A dark grey and violet tent, flying the flag of Neverwinter. The tent's interior is made up as a lounge, with small printed curricula for the academy's magical courses, and discounts for the first season's classes to attendees of the Magefaire.
  • They are also seeking experienced magi willing and able to teach at the academy, as well.

Visimar's Wands, Staves, & Rods (M5)

Wands, Staves, & Rods

  • This proprietor sells wands, staffs, and rods usable as magical foci and the basis of creating magic items.

Ilona's Moonshae Victuals (M6)


  • This proprietor sells food of the Moonshae islands, at all levels of Lifestyle.

Naborn's Salves & Balms (M7)


  • Herbalist specializing in ointments, unguents, and similar salves

Bessor Kheler, Sage (M8)

Sage (Spellbooks and their History)

  • Grandfatherly old man, missing one eye that is covered with a leather eyepatch
  • 75gp per query

Tembla's of Aglarond (M9)

Spell Monographs

  • The tent is clearly newly-purchased, a deep burnt umber and brown color that might blend into an autumn forest. It is slightly too big for the space it occupies, but has been expertly set up and bound here and there to make it function well. The front face of the tent is open, and a wild-haired woman in rough-spun gown and thick leather girdle hung with pouches and bottles sits on a stool out front.
  • The proprietress does not invite folk into the tent; instead, she discusses with them what she has to offer, takes the money and deposits it in a chest within, from which she removes the spell monograph in question.
  • Spell Monographs: Tembla's monographs are not bound in any covers, save the outer layer of parchment, with the name of the spell neatly inked upon it.
    • Unique Spells
      • Simbul's Spell Matrix (Transmutation 5th • 14 page, 155 gp): Creates a magical matrix that can store up to four spells of up to 3rd level, allowing that spell to be cast rapidly later
      • Simbul's Spell Sequencer (Transmutation 7th • 16 page, 205 gp): As Simbul's spell matrix, save that spells can be up to 5th level, or spells of up to 2nd level can be linked so that casting one automatically triggers the casting of another.
      • Simbul's Synostodweomer (Transmutation 7th • 22 page, 205 gp): Creates a field that transforms subsequently cast spells into raw healing magic.
      • Simbul's Skeletal Diliquescence (Transmutation 8th • 24 page, 230 gp): Transforms the bones and hard tissue of a target to mush.
      • Simbul's Spell Trigger (Transmutation 9th • 22 page, 255 gp): As Simbul's spell sequencer, except that spells can be up to 7th level, or spells of up to 4th level can be sequenced. May also designate a spell to automatically cast when a trigger outside the caster is met.