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From the Vault of Sages (Q1)

Tome Seller

  • A silvery-white tent, from which emits a light, roiling silvery-pearlescent fog at ankle-height. Above the doorway is a board with metal lettering spelling out the tent's name.
  • The entryway has two long counters, one to either side of the entry, with books on display. There is another entry just inside, leading to the "Reading Room," which features extravagant couches and divans, with servants serving thin flutes of Silveraen wines and small snacks. Entry to the Reading Room - which includes choice of any two books offered for sale - costs 1gp.
  • Works: A selection of writings from the sages at Silverymoon's Vault of Sages, providing frameworks for some of the finest collections of lore-books in Faerûn today. Each library includes a handful of classics from the Vaults.
    • A Myth Drannan Amphigory, by Elminster of Shadowdale, 90gp
    • The Art and the Paths Upon Which It Led Me, by Bowgentle, 120gp
    • Bestiary of Creatures Strange and Wonderful, by Anonymous (suspected of being the Guild of Naturalists of Myth Drannor), 200 gp
    • The Chronicle of Years to Come, by Maglas the Seer, 100gp
    • Of the Wonders of Magery, by Albaerum the Sage of Neverwinter, 80gp
    • Slumbertime Stories for Sprigs, by Syluné of Shadowdale, 35gp
    • Thoughts on Life & Wizardry, by Laeral of the Nine, 125gp
    • Words to an Apprentice: My Tutelage Under Great Mages, by Ithryn Halast, 95gp
    • Battered Bones and Scattered Skulls: The Life of a Dwarven Champion, by Rauthglur Ormyndake, 110gp
    • Half a Life: A Halfbreed's Journeys Among the Elves, by Hural Artseeker of Rawlinswood, 80gp
    • Of the Clans and Clashes of Shanatar, by Bryth Tolar of Clan Ironhelm in Mirabar, 95gp
    • Raging Blades: A Tale of the North, by Halvidon Maeraed, Bard of Elturel, 125gp
    • Revendro's Roll of Passing Years, by Revendro of Everlund, 100gp
    • To Harp & To Help, by Alustriel of Silverymoon, 130gp
    • Why I Am a Harper, by Belbradyn Tralaer, 85gp
    • A Ranger's Road, by Thaulavvan Tridentstar, 120gp
    • The Nymph Says No, by Anonymous (NEW), 85gp
    • Legacy of the Three Shields, by Iana Robinsong of Silverymoon, 125gp
    • Shadows in the Firelight, by Glarthlyn of Silverymoon, Scribe, 150gp
    • A Sage's Travel Guide to the North, by Zanshareen Sabiyryn, 135 gp.
    • A Harper's Guide, by Alustriel of Silverymoon, 130gp.
    • A Harper's Song, by Alustriel of Silverymoon, 125 gp
    • A Treatise toward Unity: Comparisons of the People and Humanity in Art and Life, by Arun Maerdrymm of Myth Drannor, 180 gp.
    • Delblood's Atlas of Faerun, by Delblood, 200 gp.
    • Harping by Moonlight: Approaches to Life, by Elminster of Shadowdale, 135 gp.
    • Heed Your Heart but Follow Your Harp, by Storm Silverhand, 122gp.
    • Meanderings, by Bowgentle, 125gp.
    • Memoirs of a Witch-Queen in Exile, by Athaeal of Evermeet, 150gp.
    • The Song of One Harp, by Storm Silverhand, 140gp.
    • Sword of Ink, Boots of Fancy: A Sage's Tale, by Elvryn Auraunt, Sage of Everlund, 145gp.
    • Thoughts Found Upon a Forested Path & an Adventurer or Two Found There as Well, by Bowgentle, 170gp.
    • To Harp at Twilight, by Storm Silverhand, 140gp..
    • Tulrun's Totem: Tales of the Beast Shamans, by Tulrun of the Tent, 85 gp.

Halruuan Embassy (Q2)

Magocratic Government • Halruaa

  • Small blue tent with a standing portal within that leads to the Halruuan skyship moored above it.
  • The ship itself contains a dozen or so Halruuan magi, including the masked archmage called the Provost.
  • They are happy to share a meal and a drink in the ship's ample galley - it's practically a full tavern - and to discuss the topic of emigration to any mages who might be interested.

Blessings of the Chionthar (Q3)


  • Herbalist specializing in recipes from Chionthar River ingredients

Iridescence (Q4)

Enchanted Illumination

  • A small shop dedicated to the magics that create light
  • Services: Casting of continual flame (80 gp)
  • Magical Wares: driftglobe (350 gp), gem of brightness (400 gp)

Dasklul the Wanderer's Greenpack (Q5)


  • Herbalist specializing in decoctions good for travelers

The Griffon's Nest (Q6)

Leathern Traveler's Goods

  • Tent selling leatherware for travelers, including waterproofed spellbook satchels.

Osarena of Arabel, Sage (Q7)

Sage (Magical Armaments)

  • She is accompanied by Sir Runhovis, a Purple Dragon Knight
  • 85gp per query, plus 20gp per day of research after

Undermountain Lore & Spells (Q8)

Spell Monographs

  • A large grey tent, its opening flanked by tall, flat slate pillars on which passers-by may mark out small maps from memory of places in Undermountain they have been to. Most of them are obviously foolishness, though its difficult to tell the true from the false. The Well Room seems to be depicted faithfully.
  • The interior of the tent is furnished with plenty of comfortable chairs, and a stand of casks from the Yawning Portal, filled with some of Durnan's own Black Well Stout. It is set up to provide folk plenty of space and opportunity to share their experiences in Undermountain. The proprietors offer simple printed sheets with the tent's offering, but encourage folk who aren't even buying to stay and either chat or listen.
  • Spell Monographs: Plain paperboard covers, washed with a grey inkwash, cover these monographs.
    • Unique Spells
      • Kaupaer's Skittish Nerves (Transmutation 1st • 10 page, 45 gp): Enhances a target's initiative.
      • Know Protections (Divination 1st • 8 page, 40 gp): Divine a target's Resistances and Immunities.
      • Battering Ram (Evocation 2nd • 10 page, 80 gp): A sudden burst of ramlike force directed at a creature or object.
      • Force Ladder (Evocation 2nd • 6 page, 75 gp): Creates a ladder of pure force between ten and sixty feet in length, on any plane.
      • Blacklight (Evocation 3rd • 14 page, 100 gp): Creates an area of darkness that blinds all creatures within except the caster, who perceives the area as though it were well-lit.
      • Blindsight (Transmutation 3rd • 12 page, 110 gp): Grants the target tremorsense.
      • Spider Poison (Necromancy 3rd • 12 page, 120 gp): Poisons a target by touch
      • Gutsnake (Transmutation 4th • 12 page, 160 gp): Caster sprouts a 15' serpentine tentacle from his abdomen, which ends in snapping, fanged reptilian jaws.
      • Spell Enhancer (Transmutation 4th • 12 page, 160 gp): Spell that enchants a subsequent spell's power, making it harder to resist.
      • Grimwald's Graymantle (Necromancy 5th • 14 page, 200 gp): Imbues something wrought of bone with gray luminance and throw at a target. Illumination transfers to struck targets, negating a creature's ability to recover hit points or regenerate in any way.
      • Energy Transformation Field (Transmutation 6th • 20 page, 220 gp): Create a zone of transformative energy that saps magical energy from spells or magic items in order to power its own effects.
      • Hardening (Transmutation 6th • 16 page, 275 gp): Permanently harden the substance of a target object.
      • Vipergout (Conjuration 7th • 22 page, 325 gp): Causes caster to vomit several serpents to attack his enemies.

Tremoth Inkfingers, Bonded Scrivener (Q9)

Bonded Scrivener

  • Pudgy, totally hairless human man fond of eye makeup and flowing robes, with ink-stained fingers
  • His penmanship is flourid and extremely artistic
  • Charges 32gp per spell level, or 40gp per spell level for scribing a spell in the minimum number of pages possible.
  • Also sells books: fine leather covered 100 pg books in quarto (115 gp) and octavo (80 gp) sizes. He also sells these with arcane locking (365 gp for quarto or 330 gp for octavo).