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[edit] Magic Overview

[edit] Principals of magic

  • The strength of magic changes over time.
  • Magic ability is hereditary.
  • Some Magic can be corrupting, and this corruption can on occasion be detected.
  • Ritual Magic is expensive in terms of time and other resources.

[edit] Shaping Ability

[edit] The Morning Lords

  • Quality: Blood of Morning - May use the Shaping Ability.

[edit] Arcana - Battle Dance

  • X
  • Y
  • Z

[edit] Arcana - Fire Shaping

  • Resistance to Fire/heat - i.e. Blood of Valyria.
  • Flaming Blade
  • Fire Shaping - Bolster a Fire, Control a Fire,

[edit] Arcana - Air Shaping

  • X
  • y
  • Z

[edit] Arcana - Earth Shaping

  • Endurance of the Earth - Increase your Health by +2. In addition, whenever you test Endurance, add +2 to the test result.
  • y
  • Z

[edit] Arcana - Water Shaping

  • X
  • y
  • Z

[edit] Arcana - Flesh shaping

  • X
  • Change appearance and body features.
  • limited magical healing

[edit] Arcana - Beast Speech

  • Animal Cohort
  • Warg Dreams
  • Warg - Consider combining Warg and Warg Dreams
  • Skinchanger

[edit] Arcana - Mental

  • Sense Emotions - When testing Awareness(Empathy), you may re-roll any 1s. In addition, you may add your Shaping rank to Awareness tests results when using Empathy.
  • y
  • Mind Reading

[edit] Arcana - Visionary

  • Greenseer - As book
  • Danger Sense -
  • Read the Future - Tarot

[edit] Ritual Magic

[edit] Alchemy

[edit] The Iron Rites

  • Quality: Blood of Iron -
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