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[edit] The Lore of Beasts Elemental

The Beast Unleashed
Calm the Wild Beast
Claws of Fury
Crow's Feast
Form of the Raging Bear
Form of the Ravening Wolf
Form of the Soaring Raven
Master's Voice
The Talking Beast
Wings of the Falcon

[edit] Extra Spells

Hunting Spear

  • Casting Number: 15
  • Casting Time: Half Action
  • Ingredients: Hunting Spear (+3)
  • Description: Creates a Strength 5 Magic Missile(impact) that can pass through up to Magic enemies if they are standing in a straight line.

The Ox Stands
Cowering Beasts
Repugnant Transformation

[edit] Lesser Magic

Aethyric Armor

[edit] Beast Forms

[edit] Familiar

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