The Waking Folk

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The Erephim
The Plains Folk
The erephim awoke on the first day with the spirits and aurochs as their close companions. They brought with them animal husbandry and agriculture. The erephim are long-lived, wise, and genial.
The Mero
The River Folk
The mero awoke second to the world, bringing with them song, celebration, and the bounty of the waters. They are a joyous, lithe, and spontaneous folk.
The Orim
The Hill Folk
The third to awaken, the orim contemplated their first day before fully rousing. They knew pigment and color, but they were the first to tease magic into the open in the waking world. The orim are sedate, observant, and precise.
The Ocaithe
The Forest Folk
The fourth awakened, the ocaithe lurked in the forest while the other folk explored this new wonder. They revealed themselves with knowledge of medicine and herbs. The ocaithe are prowlers used to keeping their own counsel.
The Bosen
The Mountain Folk
The bosen awakened fifth on the slopes of the imposing mountains. They brought brewing and fermentation into the world along with games of strength and cunning. They are a boisterous, strong, and clever folk.
The Eudor
The Desert Folk
Only recently awakened, the eudor dwell in the dry southern desert unknown to most. They are glass workers and dancers who value their bonds to each other and the waking world beyond.
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