Warrenton Characters

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Carmen Anderson
A former Air Force medic, Carmen is now employed at the Cartwright Recuperative Center, a private long-term medical care facility for veterans. She has something of a feisty temperament, with a focus on the well-being of her patients first and foremost (to the sometime chagrin of her administrators).

Common Locations: Cartwright Recuperative Center, her Warrenton house
Zev Caldwell
Former Coast Guard
Having gotten out of the Coast Guard two years ago, Zev's been doing other work here and there - working on fishing boats, lifeguarding at pools in the summer, doing basic repair work here and there. He's on a waiting list to get a position as an electrician's apprentice, and is mostly waiting for his life to start going somewhere. He's taken some strange jobs to make ends meet of late, notably some modeling work at JayCannon.com

Common Locations: Youngs River Lofts (when filming scenes), various Warrenton bars, his Warrenton apartment