Werewolf Pack Tactics

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Mental Tactics

  • Bloodhound: 2-5 Pack; Wits •••, Survival •••. Pack spreads out, scenting the air and looking for someone (or their scent trail). This covers a wider area than normal, as they efficiently and instinctively split the terrain among themselves. Main actor gains Teamwork benefits, and the 9-Agains benefit to his perception or tracking roll.

Physical Tactics

  • Can Opener: 2 Pack; Strength ••, Brawl ••. One member claws back worn or natural armor. First actor makes a Strength + Brawl attack that does not damage, but acts as Teamwork, granting dice to second actor, and negating worn or natural armor against the rest of the group's attacks.
  • Dog Pile: 2-4 Pack; Strength •••, Brawl •••. Used against a prone enemy, in which the wolves throw themselves atop him, clawing and biting and preventing him from rising. First actor inflicts no damage, but grants Teamwork dice, split evenly among the others in their attacks; they all also add 1 to their damage if they hit successfully. Target must take a Strength + Athletics action to rise, at a penalty equal to the first actor's Strength, plus one for each additional wolf involved in the tactic's use.
  • Take Down: 2-5 Pack; Strength ••, Brawl ••. Used by at least two pack, who hit the target high and low simultaneously. Main actor takes the Leg Sweep attack (-2 penalty), but gains Teamwork benefits, and opponent halves his Defense against the main actor.