Werewolf Shapeshifting Basics

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The Change is agonizing, and even inflicts physical damage (exact amount depending on how long the shift takes), although normal werewolf healing quickly heals this in the time it takes to recover from the transformation. Example

  • Shapeshift Action: Changing shape is reflexive, requiring a Stamina + Harmony extended roll, with an interval of one turn.
    • If this is instead performed as a standard action, the roll is instead a Stamina + Resolve + Harmony extended roll.
    • This can only be done voluntarily if a werewolf has at least one dot of Harmony.
  • The Human Form: It requires only three successes on a Shapechange roll to revert to human form. This also happens automatically without a roll if a Bitten werewolf loses consciousness.

Shifter's Trauma

Each time a shapeshifting roll is made, the werewolf takes 1 bashing damage. Supernatural healing stops during the time shapeshifting is going on.

  • The change is exceedingly painful, inflicting pain penalties equal to the number of successes accrued so far in the shapeshifting for any actions taken while in the middle of the change. These penalties immediately subside once the change is completed.

The Wolf's Eyes

Werewolves' eyes occasionally shift in color to an intense color that is natural to wolves: a golden amber, a whiskey-to-cinnamon brown, a brilliant orange color or a pale green.

  • This eye-shift happens anytime the werewolf gains a benefit of some kind from Primal Urge, whether shapeshifting, enhanced senses, animal magnetism or other traits, or when he fights the Feral Wolf.
  • When the shift occurs in a human, it is usually quick enough that most people don't really notice it. Those who know what to look for may spot it with a Perception test at a -4 penalty if the werewolf is a Beta or Omega, and a -2 penalty if she is an Alpha.


When a bitten werewolf dies, he reverts to his human form. When a born werewolf dies, she remains in the form she died in.

Partial Shift (Harmony ••)

Limited hybrid-form shift to gain specific features only.

  • Each success grants one of the following (all features equal hybrid shift); always causes the Wolf's Gaze. Traits: Claws • Bite • Strength +1 • Stamina +1 • Speed +1