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  • The Quantum Event: June 22nd – An alien ship crashes into New York, setting off the first Quantum Event. Thousands of people are given super powers. City, state, and federal governments buckle under the pressure of the disaster, and work for years to restore some kind of order.


  • The Lockdown: Finally accepting the inevitable, the federal government declares the island of Manhattan as a Containment Zone, stopping rebuilding efforts and instead evacuating the island. Powered individuals who have not found other roles in American society are transported to the island of Manhattan for containment.


  • Player One is caught up in a quantum event in his home in California. He is soon identified, classified as a useless personality by the government and shipped off to Manhatten. He begins working for the Roughnecks.
  • Horizon invades a meeting between Player One (on behalf of the Roughnecks) and Gentleman Glass, selling a piece of alien technology. Horizon shows up and insists he needs the item, and Gentleman Glass seems keen to give it to him in exchange for use of his teleportation power. Player One snatches the item and makes a break for it, but Horizon traps him in a stutter-loop, and takes the item, teleporting away.


  • Having heard about Horizon from Gentleman Glass, Riptide recruits Horizon into helping them with a task: hitting a DVHA medical supply shipment. Horizon teleports them over the bridge and Riptide snatches the goods. Horizon teleports them away, but not before the DVHA has recorded his image, becoming aware of a powerful teleporter in Manhattan.
  • The Independence Day Raids: July 4th – Using a massive fireworks display as auditory and visual cover/distraction, the Department of Variant Human Affairs and the federal government, along with military contractors, launch a series of black ops raids on the MCZ. They target powerful supers and community organizers, rounding up and transporting them elsewhere. When the news comes out about it, the government claims the raids were strikes against superpowered terrorist cells.
  • The Manhattan Project contacts Clover asking for help: some of their people have been snatched up by the Quantum Underground, and they can't afford to be seen taking the offensive on the island. Clover recruits Horizon through Riptide, and Horizon agrees to help without any expectation of reward. Afterwards, Horizon uses a portal to get members of Clover's family out of Manhattan, earning his respect.


  • The Fall of Eden: Braze, the warlord of the Roughnecks, launches a devastating attack on Eden, bypassing its security effortlessly. The siege stretches into a month of constant raids, culminating in the burning down of Eden.
    • Player One is among the first attackers with the Roughnecks assault. He is knocked unconscious by Clover, and ends up in the infirmary. Given the opportunity to see Eden's people and ideals in action, he comes to side with Eden.
    • Horizon watches the assault go on over the course of weeks, not getting involved, but constantly coming back to it over and over, increasingly bothered by it.
    • In the final Roughnecks assault on Eden, Player One fights on the side of Eden.
    • In the final Roughnecks assault on Eden, tired of watching, Horizon teleports into the structure as it catches fire. He facilitates the evacuation from the station to the abandoned cruise ship that will serve as New Eden.

Chapter One

  • Ep 1: Oct 3, 2030 - the Great Rescue

Chapter Two

  • Ep 2: Oct 11, 2030 - upgrading ship, Infernals show up sniffing about
  • Ep 3: Oct 12, 2030 - Horizon gets his feelings hurt, Clover goes searching (5 Edenites head south into Park Ave territory; Tantrum and others went west to the Epsilon zone library), Riptide checks on their family
    • Oct 13, 2030 - Head to Manhattan Project, then Riptide + Beacon head off to salvage lower decks while Clover, Player One, and Horizon go and chat with Gentleman Glass at the Establishment.
  • Ep 4: Oct 13, 2030 – Entered Renaissance territory, invited to speak with Insight, headed into tunnels to deal with ROBOT. Beat it, showed up to Glass to deliver and got quantum generator.
  • Ep 5: Oct 14, 2030 – Off to library. Encountered the Librarian, who forced us to navigate our way through kids' stories to find our missing Edenite and one another. Ended up encountering one another and beat her up. While the others gathered folks, Horizon spiked the Librarian's brain to drain it of liquid quantum, and then told the others what he did. They Had Issues with it. Ended in a safehouse, waiting for her to recover. Beacon takes Horizon through some diagnostic observation and then hypno-therapy to try and recover memories.
  • Ep 6: Oct 17, 2030 - The Librarian wakes up. We take her to a meeting with Manhattan Project and Frosbrand Industries, who offer to take her off to Malta where she can recover. As Horizon discovers that he can sync with the generator, which now powered offers the option of opening a stargate. Clover discovers the Infernals are planning an attack, and the team prepares.

Chapter Three

  • Ep 7: Oct 18, 2030 - Infernals attempt an attack on New Eden. Carrion sneaks aboard but is discovered by Horizon, while Clover attacks Inferno and the gang while they wait for Carrion's word to go. Clover fucks Inferno all the way up, while the rest of the team takes on Carrion. Horizon ends up teleporting her 250 miles into the Atlantic. A decision is made to kill Inferno, which causes some confusion in Horizon.
  • Ep 8: Oct 21, 2030 - Roughnecks begin pushing into the Infernals territory. Chat with Manhattan Project about possibility of forming a coalition. (Mention that Carrion usually returns from death after a week - making it Oct 24th)
  • Ep 9: Oct 21, 2030 - Eden heads off to speak with Renaissance; they refuse unless NWK joins. Return to ship, discuss other approaches. Contact Tunnel Rats about a meeting, and send an olive branch to the Infernals.
    • Oct 22, 2030 - Discuss other approaches over breakfast. Meet up with Prism, chat with Stonewall.
  • Ep 10: Oct 22, 2030 - Roughnecks attempt to move on the Infernals again, but are stymied by the Tunnel Rats. Meet with Tunnel Rats, who are all about joining.