Jade Dancer

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The Jade Dancer
Thorl Deldarakul ("Old Trickster" dwarven ale: 5 sp/handglass or 1gp/tall flagon
Shondath elven mint icewine: 5 sp/handglass or 1gp/tall flagon
Al & Tal's Slurp Syrup (spiked cherry syrup): 5 sp/handglass or 1gp/tall flagon
Fool's Thirst Quencher (mix of six beers and winter wine): 5 sp/handglass or 1gp/tall flagon
Zzar (double strength): 5 sp/handglass or 1gp/tall flagon
Bowls of well-salted nuts: Free
Hot garlic-buttered bread: 2 sp/roundloaf
Skewered Roast Fowl: 3 sp/skewer
Other "Fees": 2 cp per glass or flagon thrown or broken, 1 sp per plant eaten or destroyed, 1 gp per piece of furniture set afire or destroyed
Room Key: 1 gp per hour (max 10 gp)
Escorts: 6 - 12 gp per half-hour (room included)
Cathalishaera, proprietress (hf)
Selcharoon Nrim, watch-wizard (hm)
Khalou Mazestar, head bartender and chief gossip (hf)
• 20 female, 12 male escorts (half of whom are on-shift on any given night)
• 10 bar & kitchen staff
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