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Wonders of Myth Drannor (D1)


  • From the outside, this tent is concealed in the illusion of elven woods. Instead of a structure of canvas, it seems to be a close cluster of trees - oaks and shadowtops - pressed together, with only a single break in the trees to pass through. This space occasionally twinkles with fey witchlight, and those who draw near it hear the sounds of an elven lute on the breeze.
  • The interior of the tent is cool, with the smell of the deep forests to it. An elven youth circulates, offering up flutes of sparkling wine to patrons, and a faerie dragon perches in the heights of the tent crossbars, watching lazily. The massive carpet on the floor is a rug woven with a map of the ruins of Myth Drannor.
  • Auctions: The items for auction hover along the walls, suspended in pillars of ethereal silver light, slowly rotating.
    • Day One: Opened for viewing of items
    • Day Two: The staff of spheres and the Dove's harp
    • Day Three: The staff of night and the dagger of doomwarding
  • Items:
    • A staff of spheres, which creates strange, luminous, floating bubbles that can be conjured around items to carry them weightlessly, or people to protect them from falls. (Uncommon • 650 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A Dove's harp, so called because the best-known example is played by the renowned harper and adventurer Dove Falconhand of Shadowdale's Knights of Myth Drannor. The harp's magic lifts spirits and alleviates fear and anger of all kinds, natural or magical, and grants healing to those who hear it played.(Uncommon • 550 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A staff of night, an ebon staff that grants darkvision, the power to dispel magical radiances and to create magical darkness, and to even conjure an umber hulk servant! (Rare • 6000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A dagger of doomwarding, which serves to ward away ill-luck and grant a boost to its weilder's fortune, as well as granting them the insight and reflexes to take advantage of moments of vulnerability in their foe. (Uncommon • 450 gp Starting Bid • 14 Bids, 50gp per bid)

Enlo of Baldur's Gate, Sage (D2)

Sage (Herbalism)

  • Human male, in mid-30s, with dark hair and beard
  • 30gp per query

The Tower of Spells (D3)

Temple to Azuth • Mulmaster

  • A tall tent with a single tall spire, above which hovers the sparkling holy symbol of Azuth, circled by three halos of magical symbols constantly rotating around it.
  • The interior of the space is rather sparse, with just a few podiums showing off finely-bound scriptural texts and some of the spellbooks in possession by the Tower in Mulmaster.
  • The Tower contributes to the staff operating the temple in the Old Watchtower.

Erumar's Fiery Glories (D4)

  • This tent is a brilliant red, with yellow and orange pennants rising from poles above its roof, flapping in the wind. The sign above the door says "ERUMAR'S FIERY GLORIES" with cute painted flames rising up from the lettering.
  • The interior of the tent is cut in half by a long table, lacquered a bright gold color, with a red velvet length of cloth hanging down over its front, and the alchemist's sigil (a stylized flame surrounding a round-bottomed flask) in gold embroidery upon it. The table holds the various wares in a dazzling array of red and gold.
  • Alchemical Wares: Most of Erumar's goods are sold in bright red ceramic jars or red glass vials, wax sealed with her distinctive mark pressed into the gold sealing wax.
    • Alchemist's fire (45gp), smokestick (10 for 40gp), smokestick, witchweed (4 for 160gp), spark gravel (18 gp)
    • Fascinative elixir (45 gp), reflexitive elixir (45gp)
    • Blazebane (18gp), campstone (5 for 4gp), sunrod (5 for 8gp)
    • Salamander salve (45gp)
  • Magical Wares: potion of fire breath (190gp), potion of fire resistance (185gp)

Polivar's Small Glories (D5)

Small Magical Items

  • A carved wooden arch holds the tent open to visitors. Written on the wood arch, above the entrance, are the words POLIVAR'S SMALL GLORIES in a brilliant cerulean mark that is not ink. The tent itself is a luxurious velvet affair in a deep burgundy color.
  • The tent has a variety of stands like podia. Upon each is an item, and a small glass plaque that seems to have writing in fine silver lettering that describes the name, function, and price of the item in question. A single, smiling man, his hair in a small bun at his neck, stands back, nodding to folk who meet his eye and happy to answer questions.
  • Magical Items: Polivar has a few of each of the following Common items.
    • Fresh tinderkit (95 gp; bearer never gets dirty and remains odorless)
    • Greater bardic slippers (150 gp; cloth-and-leather; wearer may cast charm person 1/long rest)
    • Lunar holy symbol (130 gp; holy symbol of Selûne; bearer gains an extra level one spell slot, refreshes after a full moon rises)
    • Lupine hood (140 gp; covers neck, shoulders, head; bearer can track by scent, gain advantage on smell-based Perception checks and Survival tracking checks)
    • War leader riding boots (135 gp; buckskin with hollow heel; bearer my amplify voice to be heard up to 300 feet clearly)
    • Artist's quill pen case (90 gp; bearer may use quill to make marks of any color on any surface, fades in 24 hours)
    • Greatlung boots (150 gp; low, hard leather boots; bearer can hold breath for 3 minutes before onset of asphyxiation)
    • Dynamic hooded cloak (160 gp; bearer gains +1 to Charisma saves)
    • Projecting mask (175 gp; steel set with sharpstone; bearer can send one-way messages mentally to wiling character within 30 feet)
    • Tenacious bangle bracelets (135 gp; bearer gains one additional hit die when taking a long rest)
    • Arresting ring (175 gp; bearer may use reaction to reduce fall damage by 1d6 1/long rest)
    • Shifting jerkin (120 gp; wool and linen; bearer may use an action to change minor physical traits of item's appearance, 1/long rest)
    • Sacred bracers (125 gp; bearer's Lay on Hands pool increases by 5)

The Pages of Celinda Maeloon (D6)

Spell Monographs

  • A simple black tent, with an imposing looking Turami man with dreadlocks and a set of nasty curving knives standing outside. He permits only one person in at a time.
  • Within, an imposing woman with terrifying facial tattoos greets comers. Braziers burn a bitter incense, and she has dark green wormwood liquor for her guests, as well as a dark bread with cheese and mushrooms.
  • Small skeletal hands are scattered throughout the tent and its many chests and displays, small undead that join together to fetch things at Celinda's command, while she and her client sit to peruse the materials she has to offer.
  • Spell Monographs: Her monographs are covered in black-painted paperboard covers, with a stylized white skeletal hand whose palm is marked with her mage sigil. For an additional 10gp, she offers to have multiple monographs stitched together into a single leatherbound book before Faire's end. All her monographs are priced with numbers that end in either 3 or 7, due to some particulars of her own esoteric practices.
    • PHB Spells
      • Cantrip: chill touch (8 pages, 23 gp)
      • 1st Level: false life (8 pages, 33 gp), ray of sickness (8 pages, 37 gp)
      • 2nd Level: blindness/deafness (12 pages, 73 gp), gentle repose (8 pages, 63 gp), ray of enfeeblement (12 pages, 77 gp)
      • 3rd Level: animate dead (14 pages, 103 gp), bestow curse (14 pages, 103 gp), feign death (12 pages, 97 gp), vampiric touch (12 pages, 103 gp)
      • 4th Level: blight (14 pages, 127 gp)
      • 6th Level: circle of death (14 pages, 193 gp), create undead (18 pages, 197 gp), eyebite (16 pages, 193 gp), magic jar (18 pages, 187 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Death Armor' (Necromancy 2nd • 6 pages, 77 gp): Creates crackling black aura that damages those that touch it.
      • Disguise Undead' (Illusion 2nd • 8 pages, 73 gp): Hide an undead creature beneath an illusion of life.
      • Life Bolt' (Necromancy 2nd • 6 pages, 73 gp): Creates a bolt that draws upon the caster's own life to inflict harm to undead.
      • Shroud of Undeath' (Necromancy 2nd • 12 pages, 83 gp): Caster shrouds himself in deathly energy that causes the undead to perceive him as one of their own.
      • Healing Touch' (Necromancy 3rd • 14 pages, 113 gp): Caster transfers some of his life force to another, healing them.
      • Spider Poison' (Necromancy 3rd • 8 pages, 117 gp): Poisons a target by touch
      • Undead Lieutenant' (Necromancy 3rd • 12 pages, 117 gp): Imbues an intelligent undead with command over some or all of the caster's undead forces.
      • Undead Torch' (Necromancy 3rd • 14 pages, 113 gp): Causes undead to be covered in cold blue flame that harms the living and sheds eerie light
      • Kiss of the Vampire' (Necromancy 5th • 16 pages, 157 gp): Changes the caster's body, infusing it with vampiric essence.
      • Undeath to Death' (Necromancy 6th • 18 pages, 237 gp): Snuffs the animating force of undead.

Boudoir Sorceries (D7)

Magical Adult Toys, Ointments, & Costumery

  • A brilliant crimson tent, with a small banner above it marked with Sune's laughing face. There is neither sign nor other decoration and the door drape has weights sewn into its bottom to keep the flap from opening accidentally.
  • Within the tent is a comfortable place with several lounge divans and screens dividing spaces for customers to inquire about the shop's wares. Just inside the door is a small "lobby" that shows off some of the establishment's wares, and customers are taken to a "consulting lounge" one at a time (or in groups if they arrive together and are amenable) to discuss needs and desires.
  • Wares: This shop sells a variety of costumery, olisbos, and myriad ointments (of alchemical and herbal origin) intended for erotic purposes.

Rodinar's Bindery (D8)

Bonded Scrivener

  • Handsome, muscled man of middling age, with close salt-and-pepper beard and a set of spectacles.
  • His penmanship is precise and blocky.
  • Charges 30gp per spell level.
  • Also sells books: fine leather covered 100 pg books in quarto (110 gp) and octavo (78 gp) sizes.

Odansar's Rare Dweomers (D9)

Spell Monographs

  • A threadbare and much-patched tent, open on one side, with a small partition in the back that hides away a pallet and traveling chest.
  • The partition has a dartboard painted onto it, and Odansar occasionally demonstrates his launch bolt cantrip by hurling darts at it.
  • Spell Monographs: Odansar's monographs are written in a neat, clean hand on parchment, and bound with sturdy cloth covers of a dull brick red color.
    • Elemental Companion Spells
      • Cantrips: create bonfire (6 pages, 22 gp), mold earth (6 pages, 22 gp)
      • 1st Level: catapult (4 pages, 35 gp), ice knife (8 pages, 38 gp), earth tremor (4 pages, 38 gp)
      • 2nd Level: Aganazzar's scorcher (12 pages, 70 gp), Snilloc's snowball swarm (6 pages, 65 gp)
      • 3rd Level: flame arrows (14 pages, 95 gp), Melf's minute meteors (10 pages, 100 gp), wall of water (10 pages, 95 gp)
      • 4th Level: elemental bane (12 pages, 130 gp), storm sphere (10 pages, 140 gp)
      • 5th Level: control winds (14 pages, 165 gp), transmute rock (18 pages, 170 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Launch Bolt (Transmutation cantrip • 6 pages, 30 gp): Fires a bolt or arrow magically.
      • Corrosive Grasp (Conjuration 1st • 10 pages, 40 gp): Caster covers hand in corrosive acid.
      • Ironguts (Abjuration 1st • 8 pages, 35 gp): Target becomes more resistant to all poisons.
      • Launch Item (Transmutation 1st • 4 pages, 42 gp): Causes an item in the caster's possession to be launched at a target within a great range.
      • Ironguard (Abjuration 5th • 18 pages, 180 gp): Target creature becomes immune to nonmagical metal. Higher spell levels to ignore varying degrees of magical metals.