Shadow of the Raven Research

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Research Mechanics • Research happens in 8 hour increments, with one roll per increment, its Difficulty based on the topic being researched. ○ Research Rolls are made using either Read/Write, Charm or Command § Character with the Appropriate Academic Knowledge gain +10 to the roll. § Characters without an appropriate Academic Knowledge check take a -20 to the roll. § Characters with Search Trained gained +10 to the Research Roll. • Research Assistant: Istvan can act as a Research Assitant for one character. He grants the following benefits ○ The PC's may ignore the penalty for lacking an Academic Knowledge skill. • Duplicate Topics: If you unlock a topic that you had alread unlocked, you gain 2 free shifts in that topic. • Unsupervised Research ○ Each Concealment or Disguise check grants 4 hours of Unsupervised research. § Multiple Failed checks may result in the characters expulsion from the House of Wisdom. ○ Research Checks may be made the Search or Read/Write. • Research Fatigue: A character may only engage in a number of Hours of Research equal to the lower of 1/4 their Toughness or Will Power. For each hour of research past that they must make Willpower check to stay focused.

  • Fatigue (Level 1):Receive a -10 penalty to all checks.
  • Fatigue (Level 2):Receive a -20 penalty to all checks.
  • Fatigue (Level 3):Research increments take 25% longer due to distraction, nodding off, etc.
  • Fatigue (Level 4):Research increments take 50% longer.
  • Fatigue (Level 5):Research increments are doubled.