1354 DR Starry Cradles Orphanage

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The Starry Cradles orphanage is a Dock Ward orphanage run by Matron Griselda Hoppletun, a halfling care-taker, and funded by the House of the Moon and the Selûnite clergy thereof.

The Redtails Gang

Margo Redtails
Leader • 12 years
The undisputed leader of the small orphan gang, Margo is cunning and quick, and she takes care of her kids. She is well-known for taking those kids who can't take care of themselves under her wing, and she is fiercely protective of her gang. She doesn't remember her parents - only the time she spent on the streets while very young.
The "Muscle" • 12 years
Belom is a chunky kid, though strong. He isn't terribly bright, and has a bad rap in the orphanage - other kids tended to make fun of his slowness, eventually provoking him to rage, and he often hurt other kids in the process. He was the first one Margo stepped in for, when both of them were 9, and he's been by her side ever since.
Arassa yr Ioma
The Quiet One • 9 years
Something of an outcast because she speaks Common poorly, Arassa is the daughter of a Calishite merchant and his wife who were killed by thugs. Though the orphanage has sent messages back to Calimport hoping to find her family, nothing has turned up. Margo stepped in when the other kids made fun of her Alzhedo and her meek ways. Arassa learned pickpocketing very quickly from Margo.
The Pirate's Son • 8 years
The son of a Dock Ward soft trader who died of the clap, Sundril maintains that his father is "the famous pirate Redblade," and that he's sure his father is coming to get him at any time, to take him away from awful stinking Waterdeep so they can be pirates together. Sandro is quite small, although he is fierce in his own way, and Margo stepped in when his quick insults earned him a beating from three much bigger boys.
Skarthin Tharnet
The Fast One • 10 years
The tousel-headed Skarthin (or "Skar" as he insists everyone call him) came to the orphanage five years ago when his father, an outcast Uthgardt trader, killed a man in a bar brawl and was arrested and executed. Though the orphanage has made token efforts to discover the boy's family, he doesn't know what tribe his father hailed from. He is a quick one, though, and fast with the small knife he carries with him at all times.
The Half-Elf • 9 years
A little half-elven boy that is occasionally prone to seizures, Tarulos was tormented awfully on his arrival at the orphanage - particularly the first time he had a seizure in public and pissed himself as a result. Sandro and Skarthin immediately stepped in to stop the mockery, and Margo backed them up. Now the little boy - who has never said anything about his parentage - won't be anywhere without at least one of the gang, even going so far as to run away when he was adopted once.