Army of Light

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With this ritual, the magus creates an illusion of a much larger fighting force than actually exists. He stands in a cabalistic circle outdoors, assisted by two soldiers who each hold braziers of incense, and begins the ritual an hour before sunrise.

As the sun comes up, the magus throws the crystal powder over the soldiers. The crystal cloud captures the light of the sunrise and refracts it a thousand time, shaping an army of sunlight and crystal dust, which lasts all day without concentration from the magus.

Arcanum: Light Shaping

Ritual Elements: Increased Time (1 hour; +4), Ritual Materials (Wealth 20; +4), Ritual Timing: Sunrise (Daily; +1), Place Magics (Cabalistic Circle, while Outdoors; +3), Group Ritual (2 soldiers; +1). Total Élan: 13

Élan Traits: Arcana Mastery, Maintenance Loop (Major)