Aromordant Writings

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A quarto-sized spellbook with a tattered and badly stressed leather cover, some of the interior pages of this work have been badly damaged by water and mold, though Evendur has cleaned them sufficiently to prevent further deterioration. All the rest of the pages are stained along their edges by dirt, suggesting it may have once been buried hastily or negligently.

From his researches, Evendur has discovered references in Khelben's library to the Aromordant Circle, a trio of mages from the time of Nimoar's Hold, who banded together to pool their magical findings. Though they intended to build a great sorcerous legacy that might influence the future of the North, they fell to predictable infighting and destroyed one another within two years.

Their only notable accomplishment was the compilation of a tome of wizardly magic, the best of their researches. Though they intended the Writings to one day serve as a great tome, scarcely nine spells were ever recorded in its page, and of these only five survive the ravages of time on the book.


The writings contain a handful of rare spells. Though they may have appeared elsewhere before, it is likely because other works were also penned by the magi of the Aromordant Circle. One of the magi, Rogaster Stormson was fond of lightning spells, and half of the remaining magics seem to belong to him.

Another of them, Wyara of Mystra, was fascinated by magics that affected magic, and one of her spells (dweomerflow) is found here; one of the lost spells is assumed to have been focal stone, referred to in that spell.

Finally, the third wizard was Iriganas Farwander, a high elf mage who specialized in teleportational and planar-crossing magics.