Aspects in Chronicle System

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Character Creation

  • All characters start with Three Aspects.

Destiny Points

  • If a character invokes an Aspect when spending a destiny point they may select one of the following benefits.
    • Add +5 to your test result.
    • Convert all bonus dice into test dice.
    • Add a significant detail to a scene, such as gaining a major clue, finding a way out of a nasty predicament, or some other significant and useful element that moves the story along in your favor. This detail must flow naturally from the aspect invoked.


  • Compel Aspect: As part of an Influence Action you may attempt use one of your opponents aspects against them. If you guess correctly about an aspect, you gain +1B on the intrigue roll. If the opponent does not have that aspect you will lose -1 Die.
  • A read target action will reveal if an Aspect relevant to the Scene is in play.