Blackstaff Tower Faction

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Blackstaff Tower
Common Descriptors: Arcane, inquisitive, meddlesome
Primary Classes: Wizards (primarily), any other (arcane spellcasting preferred)
Alignments: LN (primary), LG, NG, N, CG
Blackstaff Tower, Castle Ward, Waterdeep
• Ally or Apprentice: Rank 1. You have a close alliance with Khelben, and are welcome at Blackstaff Tower. He may be watching you to see if you would be a good apprentice, or you may simply find your aims in alignment with his own. Alternately, you may be an apprentice that has withdrawn from active participation in Blackstaff Tower's goings-on, or is being tested to see if Khelben will teach you long-term.

• Apprentice: Rank 3. You are an active apprentice to Khelben. You have access to the Tower as a resident, including permission to attune to the Tower as a whole.
Senior Apprentice: Rank 7. You are considered one of Khelben's senior apprentices and lieutenants. Even though you may dwell elsewhere, you retain Khelben's trust and affection. If you are local to Waterdeep, you may be asked to occasionally teach some of the apprentices, or to watch over the Tower while Khelben is elsewhere. If you are not local, you may be recruited for occasional aid, either by Khelben or by other apprentices passing through the area. By the same token, Khelben seriously considers taking on any promising apprentices you send him.
The Blackstaff: Rank 10. You are the Archmage of Waterdeep, the master of Blackstaff Tower.

“A spell uncast that might have been put to good benefit is as useless as a spell wastefully cast.”

Those previous Blackstaves have maintained networks of apprentices and allies, the current Blackstaff Vajra Safahr, has not set up such a network. As such, this faction functionally does not exist currently. See Previous Eras, below, for more details about this faction, which may yet one day reform.

Previous Eras