Careless Whisper Character Creation

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  • Ability stats are generated by rolling 4 6-sided die 7 times, ignoring the lowest die roll each time. This will give you 7 results. Discard the lowest results and assign the remaining 6 results to your ability scores. If this method does not provide a satisfactory result, you may use the point buy method.
  • Your character starts play at second level.
  • Your character receives the maximum number of hit points possible for the character's chosen class, plus your Constitution modifier, for first level. Every level after that roll the hit die associated with your class. If the result is greater than half the possible total, take that result, plus your Constitution modifier, and add it to your hit points. If the result is less than or equal to half the possible total, take that result, plus your Constitution modifier, and add it to your hit points.
  • Your character may be any non-evil alignment.
  • Your character starts play with either one bonus feat or one uncommon magic item.
  • Take the starting equipment that comes with your character class and background. You may sell items for 100% value in exchange for gold (at character creation only). You also possess 100 gp per level (200gp for this campaign). You may purchase and/or upgrade equipment with this gold.

Playable Races

  • Common Playable Races: Character races that players can choose to play that are common to the Eberron campaign setting. These are races that the majority of NPC's in the campaign will be familiar with and will not suffer bigotry and discrimination on a regular basis.
  • Uncommon Playable Races: Character races that players can choose to play that are less common to the Eberron campaign setting. These are races that NPC's in the campaign will be familiar with to some extent, but may suffer bigotry and discrimination at times.
  • Rare Playable Races: Character races that players can choose to play that are very rare to the Eberron campaign setting. These are races that NPC's in the campaign may not be familiar with or have ever encountered before. These races are likely to face open bigotry and discrimination, and sometimes even hostility.
  • Races that are not available to play: Aarakocra, Firbolg, Genasi, Gith, Kenku, Tabaxi, Tortle, Triton, Verdan, Yuan-ti Pureblood

Classes and Sublcasses in Eberron

Backgrounds Specific to Eberron

  • Aspirant: The druidic sects of Khorvaire are as organized and established as any divine faith. You have spent your life in the service of a druidic sect, serving as an intermediary between civilization and the wild. You are trained in the rituals and rites of your sect; you can offer both spiritual and practical guidance to those who follow you into the wilderness. You don’t have to be a druid, and you might not be able to perform magic, but you understand the primal mysteries of your sect, and the world itself is your temple.

Choose a druid sect, or work with your DM to develop a new nature focused order. The Druid section contains a sample of organizations, from the Eberron setting. Were you a youth brought up learning about the seasons and solstice from the rural priests of your homeland? Perhaps you were a warden watching over travelers, an initiate performing the sacred rites, an advisor guiding a farming community, and it is up to you to discern why you decided to leave?

Source: Morgrave Miscellany, page 123

  • Auditor: You don’t work with taxes or accounts. Your job is testing security systems, finding the flaws in vaults, prisons, and other secure systems. Most auditors work for the Warding Guild of House Kundarak, testing locks, traps, and other Kundarak creations. You could also have worked for the Warning Guild of House Medani, helping to spot threats before they occur. In those days, locks and wards were something you studied for your job; now you’re putting your skills to practical use as an adventurer.

Source: Morgrave Miscellany, page 125

  • Cadet: You were commissioned as an officer, but you never actually made it to the battlefield. Perhaps someone pulled strings on your behalf to save you from conflict, or perhaps the war ended before you had a chance to serve. Rather than being thrown into war, you were left to choose your own path. Are you angry that you never had an opportunity to prove yourself, or glad to have dodged the front lines?

When you choose this background, work with your DM to determine which military organization you trained to be a part of, and what lifestyle you have led up until you began adventuring. You might have immediately pursued the lifestyle of an adventurer, served as a military advisor, or even returned to civilian life.

Source: Morgrave Miscellany, page 126

  • Canon Lawyer: Many faiths - most notably the Sovereign Host and the Silver Flame - have disciplined seminaries where acolytes study religious (canon) law and theology. After graduating from one of these seminaries with honors, you were entrusted with the authority to argue cases of religious law and orthodoxy. Your case files include the validity of marriages, determining clerical misconduct, defining heresy, participating in cases of the inquisition, and any number of administrative and legal proceedings pertaining to your faith’s hierarchy.

Source: Faithful of Eberron, page 55

  • Chronicler: People need news, and you’re the one to provide it. You could be an investigative reporter searching for issues of national importance such as conspiracies, corruption, threats of war, or news about the Mourning. You could be gathering gossip, or sharing the tales of bold adventurers, so make sure your friends do something worthy of a story! You could also be a general agent of the Library of Korranberg, always watchful for anything that could expand the repository of general knowledge.

Source: Morgrave Miscellany, page 127

  • Cryptozoologist: You have dedicated your life to the study of all manner of creatures, both mundane and magical. As a result, you have an unparalleled expertise regarding even the rarest of finds. Though you may have begun adventuring as a simple means of observing these fascinating creatures in the wild, other adventurers find your insight and wealth of knowledge to be indispensable in the depths of a dungeon and on the battlefield.

Source: Calculated Backgrounds, page 5

  • Dark Six Cultist: You might profess to be a Vassal in public, but secretly you venerate the darker side of the pantheon. While the Dark Six themselves are almost all evil, not everyone who seeks their favor is. Many sailors openly call to Arawai for a safe journey, but secretly pray to The Devourer to forestall his wrath. Likewise, a smith tired of mastering the same old pattern of armor may seek a gift of inspiration from The Traveler in order to create something innovative (though one should always, always beware the gifts of The Traveler).

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 114

  • Eldeen Aspirant: You adhere to the teachings of a druidic tradition. While all druidic sects of the Eldeen Reaches revere the power of nature above all else, they each come to this belief from different roots.

Though the leaders and teachers of these traditions are usually druids, their way of life is taught to any willing to learn. Rangers are common amongst the Eldeen sects, as well as fighters who develop their skills as scouts. Barbarians who follow the path of the totem warrior are also highly respected, for they are seen to channel the wrath of nature itself through their rages. With one exception, these druidic sects will even welcome arcane spellcasters amongst their number, for the aid and knowledge they bring to a community cannot be discounted.

Though living one's life according to druidic tradition does not preclude worship of a deity, those with profound faith in a religion often come to understand nature through Arawai, Balinor, or the Devourer rather than the teachings of a sect. That said, it is not unheard of the find paladins who've taken the oath of the ancients or clerics who venerate the abstract force of nature itself to be found in a Eldeen sect.

No matter the path by which an aspirant came to their chosen sect, they must be taught the secret druidic language. Only through this ancient tongue can the secrets of nature be revealed.

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 109

  • Elemental Priest: Unlike many religious folk, you have shunned the idea of worshiping a god in favor of offering your devotion to one of the four elements. You may have come into this worship on your own, as part of a small enclave of elementalists, or in service to a larger elemental cult. Whatever the case, you have decided to take to the world of adventuring, keeping your holy love for your chosen element alive across the realm.

Source: Calculated Backgrounds, page 3

  • House Agent: You have sworn fealty to a dragonmarked house, one of the mighty mercantile guilds that shapes Khorvaire. If you possess a dragonmark, you’re likely a member of one of the influential families within the house, otherwise you’re an outsider who hopes to make your fortune by allying with this great power. Your primary task is to observe, gather useful information and serve as the eyes of your house. But you could be called upon at any time to act as a hand of the house. Such missions can be dangerous—but they’ll surely be lucrative.

Source:Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron, page 94

  • House Guild Member: The Dragonmarked families control much of industry and commerce among the Thronehold Nations of Khorvaire. However, they would not be the economic powerhouses that they are if they only allowed blood relations to work for them.

Each house has one or two major guilds that controls much of a certain trade. Some of these guilds rely on the power of Dragonmarks and only those with the appropriate Mark can join the guild—and may in fact be expected to by their family. However, several more employ and train all those interested in learning the trade and working diligently.

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 111

  • House Scion (House Guild Member Variant): If you are a related to the House by blood or marriage, you may have graduated from your House's guilds to join the core organization of the House itself.

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 112

  • Excoriate (House Guild Member Variant): Excoriates are members of a Dragonmarked family that have been cast out of the House. Whether through some transgression or crime, you are persona non grata to all Dragonmarked family members and are barred from their estates and doing business with them. However, you still know the lessons your family taught you. You can pick your proficiencies from either your guild's skill proficiencies or those available to House Scions.

However, you must select a background benefit from another background, as you can no longer rely on political or economic support from your former family. For example, down-on-their luck excoriates may fall in with the wrong crowd and gain the Criminal Contact background benefit, or another might turn their back on civilization entirely, gaining the background benefit from Hermit or Outlander.

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 112

  • Magewright's Apprentice:You spent years studying under an established Magewright or Artificer. Through that study, you have learned enough about magic to recognize the form and function of most magic items. This knowledge forms the fundamentals upon which a career in the Mystic sciences is built.

Source: Calculated Backgrounds, page 7

  • Traveling Merchent: Traveling Merchants can be found roaming every corner of the world. From the crowded marketplaces of massive cities, to caravans wending through thick forests or across difficult wastes, to isolated settlements, villages, and trading posts scattered in the deepest wilderness. Traveling Merchants study the traditions, needs, and exports of cultures from across the land giving them a broad view of the world. You have worked on a merchant caravan. Perhaps you were the head merchant, making deals, setting prices, and claiming the profits. You may have been brought along as entertainment to help ease the suffering of many long nights spent miles from home. Or, you were security, ensuring the safety of the merchant and their wares. Alternatively, you may have been a cut-purse specializing in acquiring rare items for the caravan whose owners were not willing to part with them for a reasonable price. Whatever role you assumed in the Merchant Caravan, you learned the ins and outs of commerce in a way few people understand. This knowledge can prove invaluable for those who pursue the adventuring life.

Source: Calculated Backgrounds, page 11

  • Vassal: The country you grew up in, the lifestyle you led, the job you had before setting out to become an adventurer, none were quite so important to you as your faith in the Sovereign Host.

As a vassal, you may not be rigorously religious, like adherents of the Church of the Silver Flame are, and may not be classically trained in religious studies, but you still believe that all life flows from the Sovereigns. In every swing of a master smith's hammer, there is Onatar. In every sunrise, there is Dol Arrah. In every city wall, standing strong, there is Boldrei. The Sovereigns are all around you, and you draw comfort in them.

Vassals may venerate the Host as a whole, but usually find themselves gravitating to one or two Sovereigns in particular. Your background grants you equipment, plus skill and tool proficiencies specific to a Sovereign that speaks to you particularly clearly.

Source: Korranberg Chronicle, page 113