Castle Waterdeep

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First Floor


The ground floor is divided into several sections, by function.

  • City Guard Areas: The Guard controls the gate and the flanking gate-towers, with their men on guard at the front gate at all times. They also are given watch over the stables for the Castle, with two of its chambers for their own use, and one other for guests. The two southernmost towers serve primarily as council chambers to allow city officials to meet with Guard officers easily and readily. The Guard also maintains an extensive archive of important security lore in the southermost of the central keep's towers.
  • City Watch Areas: The Watch oversees most of the northern castle, including cells where short- and long-term prisoners are kept before their trials with magistrates, a series of interrogation cells, a watch rally room and interview rooms between them, a mess in the lower parts of the northern tower of the central keep and the adjoining kitchens.
  • City Bureaucracy Areas: The city maintains a small collection of side-rooms in the southern portions of the central keep, mostly records rooms and clerk offices clustered around the Guard's records halls.
  • Unassigned Areas: The oblong hall and the southern keep has been divided into a series of council chambers, meeting rooms, and similar "open" rooms to allow quick and plentiful meeting spaces for city officials and other important folk.

City Bureaucracy

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