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[edit] Changeling: the Lost corebook

  • Court Goodwill (• to •••••): Reflects respect and friendship with a court other than the changeling's own. May not be taken at Character Creation.
  • Harvest (• to •••••): Reflects increased aptitude and opportunities for gaining Glamour; must choose one of four categories - Emotions, Pledges, Dreams and Hedge Bounty.
  • Hollow (• to •••••; special): Indicates a "secret world" in the Hedge that the changeling has claimed; points are divided among Size, Amenities, Doors and Wards. The Hollow Merit dots can be combined between multiple changelings to create more luxurious Hollows.
  • Mantle (• to •••••): Reflects level of mystic connection and status with a Court. May not be taken at Character Creation.
  • New Identity (•, •• or ••••): Indicates the character (or someone on his behalf) has taken steps to create a false identity in the mundane world.
  • Token (•+): Magical items plucked from Arcadia, the Hedge or elsewhere.

[edit] Autumn Nightmares

  • Hedge Beast Companion (• to •••): Reflects a relationship between the changeling and a Hedge-born creature of some kind.

[edit] Rites of Spring

  • Arcadian Body (••••): Character Creation only. Reflects a change to the changeling's body wrought by his Keeper, allowing the increase of an Attribute to six dots.
  • Arcadian Metabolism (•••): Character gains additional healing benefit from goblin fruits, but his body also requires the regular consumption of goblin fruit to remain healthy.
  • Archive (• to •••••): Character maintains a library of information and fairy lore in his Hollow. This can be shared like the Hollow Merit. Requires the Hollow Merit.
  • Brownie's Boon (•): May spend 1 Glamour to perform mundane tasks in half the time, or more Glamour to reduce it even further.
  • Charmed Life (••): Character shares in some of the enchantments the True Fae use to defend their existences; may force rerolls of damage rolls that would kill him by spending 1 Willpower.
  • Dual Kith (•• or •••): Character Creation only. Allows the character to have two kiths from his Seeming, or even an extra kith from outside of his Seeming for three dots.
  • Enchanting Performance (••••): Requires Expression ••. Character may spend Glamour to reduce penalties to Expression or Persuasion rolls, and all performances are emotionally moving, spending 1 Glamour to gain the Rote quality.
  • Fae Mount (•, ••, ••• or •••••): Character may summon a mount through the Hedge upon entering the Hedge.
  • Faerie Favor (•••): One of the Gentry owes the character a single favor.
  • Faerie Healing (••): The character gains the ability to use goblin fruits to heal others, including mortals and animals.
  • Fighting Style: Dream Combat (• to •••••): Requires Wyrd •••, Empathy •••. The character knows special combat maneuvers of use while in oneiromachy (dream-battle).
  • Fighting Style: Hedge Duelist (• to •••••): Requires Wyrd •••. The character knows special combat maneuvers that take advantage of the strange nature of the Hedge to aid him in battle.
  • Gentrified Bearing (••••): Requires Wyrd •••. Hobgoblins and True Fae may mistake the character as being one of the Gentry.
  • Goblin Vow (• to •••••): Allows a changeling a connection to some "theme" or "subject" in the Wyrd, allowing them to craft pledges with that subject.
  • Hedge Gate Sense (•): Character has the ability to sense nearby gateways in or out of the Hedge.
  • Hidden Life (• to •••): Must have no Fame Merit, and rating in Wyrd must equal Merit. Changeling's existence is hidden by the Wyrd, protecting him from official mundane scrutiny and tracking.
  • Hob Kin (••): Requires Hollow. Hobs treat character as one of them, and they perform functions around character's Hollow.
  • Hobgoblin Trainer (••): Character knows the secrets for training hobgoblins and other Hedge critters.
  • Lethal Mien (••): Wyrd •••. Some aspect of the changeling's Mien is dangerous and inflicts damage.
  • Long of Days (••): The changeling shares some of the ageless nature of the True Fae; longevity and infirmity bonuses are calculated as though changeling had a Wyrd of 4 dots higher than current rating.
  • Market Sense (•): Changeling has an innate sense of what things are worth on the goblin market.
  • Perfect Stillness (•): Requires Stealth •. Changeling is capable of mustering statue-like stillness, making it harder to spot her when she is hiding.
  • Pledgesmith (• to •••): Character is known as a skill pledge-smith, gaining social benefits.
  • Prophet Circle (• to •••••): This Merit indicates the ensorcellment of a group of mortals who frequently experience prophetic dreams, granting the changeling a source for foretellings and insight.
  • Rigid Mask (••): Requires Subterfuge ••. Character is a truly adept liar and skilled at hiding his emotions from others.
  • Ritual Doorway (•••): Requires Hollow Doors •••••. A Hollow with this Merit can be entered from anywhere in the mortal world as long as a certain ritual is performed.
  • Siren Song (•••): Changeling's voice has a distracting, impelling nature to it, inflicting penalties to actions other than listening to her while she is speaking.
  • Soul Sense (••): Must have a living Fetch. Changeling has a strong connection to his Fetch, able to sense its direction and distance at will, as well as its emotions. However, he can become weakened by injury to the Fetch.
  • Token Maker (•••): Changeling has the knowledge and skills necessary to craft magical Tokens while in the Hedge.
  • Visionary Dreams (••): Requires Wyrd •••. Changeling experiences prophetic dreams and visions.
  • Wisdom of Dreams (•••): Requires Wyrd ••. Changeling may meditate and mine the collective unconscious for specialized knowledge, gaining a Specialty or Language that is known to at least one living person until he next sleeps.
  • Workshop (• to •••••): Requires Hollow, of Size at least equal to Workshop rating. Hollow houses a crafts shop, which provides one Crafts specialty per dot, and may be used to reduce the time to craft Tokens.

[edit] Equinox Road

  • No Seeming (••): Character Creation only. The changeling has neither kith nor seeming, and is much closer to his original human form.

[edit] Merits of Mask and Mien

  • Devotee (• to •••••): Wyrd 7. Glimpses of the changeling's powerful mien have lured somewhat maddened mortals into near-worshipful service of the changeling.
  • Manymask (• to •••••): Wyrd 7. For each dot, may project one additional Mask of the changeling's own choosing.
  • Sublime (•••••): Wyrd 9. Changeling's nature becomes nearly transcendant, and causes mortals to regard her with near-worship and fear, and even other changelings must make a roll to attack her. Gentry regard her nearly as an equal.
  • Tokenmaster (•••): Wyrd 7. Changeling's Wyrd occasionally transforms items of importance or simply regular exposure to character into Tokens.
  • Wyrdskill (•••••): Wyrd 6. Changeling gains additional Specialties to a specific Skill with each dot of Wyrd.

[edit] Grim Fears

  • Age Reversal (•): Requires Wyrd ••••. Character ages backwards, growing younger as time passes.
  • Fighting Style: Social Maneuvers (• to ••••): Requires Presence ••, Manipulation •••, one Social Skill ••••. The character knows techniques and tricks to use during social encounters.
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