Chu'unthor Padawans

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The following padawans are stationed aboard the Chu'unthor.

Levah Tergoda
Padawan to Master Shi'datta
Levah has only been a padawan for a few years, though he is quite accomplished in his development, thanks to the attention of his master. He routinely accompanies her on the merciful missions she undertakes as part of her work with the MedCorps, as well as on other missions she arranges for him when she is too busy to leave the Chu'unthor. He is very loyal to his master, and very serious and well-disciplined for such a young learner.
Maebri Hal
Padawan to Master Nagrek
A padawan in her late adolescence very much nearing her Knight Trials, Maebri has told her master she does not intent to follow him into service with the Council of First Knowledge. Outreach and aiding the defenseless in the Outer Rim seems to suit her well, and her master agrees. Maebri is looked up to by her peers for her nobility of purpose and clarity of vision.
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