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Fire: Dalmatian Services

GridGuide: Horse and Wagon Enterprises

Healthcare: Crashcart

Matrix Services: FTL Matrixware (software), Pioneer Cybernetics (hardware), Hajima Securities (security) A hotly contested contract with the city, NOLA’s local government has refused to grant any single corporation exclusive rights to maintaining the Big Easy node and other government nodes. FTL Matrixware maintains the software contract, Pioneer Cybernetics tends to its hardware needs and Hajima Securities provides security. Of course, this means that NeoNET subsidiaries provide both hardware and software services, but the government of NOLA seems content to allow this as long as they remain separate corporate entities.

Police: New Orleans Police Services

Power: Gulfstar Power

Public Works: Krupp Specialist Engingeering

Sanitation: Shiawase Envirotech

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