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Clerics & Druids

  • Clerics and druids have three "preparation slots" for their cantrips.
  • Unlike wizards, they may change these out with any of the cantrips available to them, through the normal means by which they prepare spells.
  • This number of cantrip-only slots never increases, although a cleric or druid may prepare additional cantrip slots by sacrificing normal spell slots to do so.
    • A cleric or druid may use one of his regular Spells Prepared slots in order to prepare a number of additional cantrips equal to his Proficiency Bonus.
    • Thus, a 3rd-level cleric, who can prepare four spells per day, may use one of those slots to prepare two additional cantrips if he wishes.


  • Mages start the game knowing three cantrips.
  • Though they cannot change these out, wizards gain access to the full roster of their cantrips as they master more of them.
  • Thus, if a mage researches additional cantrips, these cantrips are assumed to simply always be prepared and available for him to cast at will.
  • Cantrips are considered to be one-half a level for the purposes of costs and other mechanics associated with researching them.
  • If a mage uses one of the two free spells he gains each level to master a cantrip, he masters a number of them equal to his Proficiency Bonus.
  • The breadth of a mage's access to a versatile array of cantrips is sometimes as much or even more of an indicator of his true power than how potent his most powerful spells are.