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Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Durallian (Gateway Subsector)
System Durall
Suns xxx
Orbital Position xxx
Moons x
Coordinates xxx
Rotation Period xxx standard hours
Orbital Period xxx local days
Planetary Information
Class Terrestrial
Climate Temperate to Tropical
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Ecumenopolis
Societal Information
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Human, Twi'lek, Arkanian, Rodian
Primary Language Galactic Basic Standard
Government Oligarchy
Population xxx
• Humans x%, Twi'lek x%, Arkanian x%, Rodian x%
Major Cities xxx
Major Imports xxx
Major Exports xxx
Affiliation xxx
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Durallian Line: Minor.
Knowledges {{{Knowledges}}}
Rarity Modifier {{{RarityModifier}}}
Other Mechanics xxx
  • An ecumenopolis, much like Coruscant, Durall has prospered for thousands of years due to its proximity to Ryloth and the Corellian Run.
  • Nearly all official (and unofficial) trade ends up routing through the planets expansive spaceports on its way out to the rest of the galaxy.
  • The planet is ruled by an oligarchy of rich, powerful and influential families - though Imperial influence here is strangely at a minimum.
  • Like most city-worlds throughout the galaxy the upper levels of the city are home to its affluent denizens.
    • The deeper you go, however, the more unruly and violent the city becomes.
  • The Pyke Syndicate is known to operate from the depths of this world, using their ties on Ryloth to move Ryll along the Death Wind Corridor, without being exposed to the Imperial Garrison on the Twi'lek homeworld.
  • While Humans make up the majority of this worlds residents, it also boasts a sizable population of Twi'leks, Arkanians, and Rodians.


House Ximarqis

One of the Oligarch Houses of Durall.

  • Diparea Ximarqis: Matron. The matron of House Ximarqis, a pragmatic woman.
  • Joshen Ximarquis: Son. One of Diparea's sons, a young man with a somewhat-wild past who has settled into the mid-level bureaucratic vocation his House needs of him.