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[edit] Cabal Members

[edit] Cabal Timeline

This is a space used to record the momentous occasions in the lifespan of the cabal, such as founding, major milestones, representations to new Consilii, etc.

  • X: X

[edit] Sigil Banner

This describes the heraldic emblem of the cabal, as per the (Cabal Heraldry) info

  • X: X

[edit] Declared Holdings

This describes what holdings the cabal has publicly announced as their own to other cabals, Consilii and Caucuses.

  • X: X

[edit] Cabal Sanctum

A description of the Sanctum the cabal claims as its own; a sort of "clubhouse" or headquarters. Not all cabals have them.

[edit] Cabal Protocols

[edit] Creed

This is a motto, creedo or other phrase that touches on the cabal's purpose or philosophy.

[edit] Duties

[edit] Great Rights

  • Rite of Crossing: The cabal permits other mages through their territory, provided they cast no offensive or intrusive spells, and do not remain longer than a day.
    • What territory are you claiming as your own?
    • Do you wish to highlight a specific route that other mages may take through your territory, or is it open access?
  • Rite of Emeritus: The cabal //does not agree// to acknowledge other mages in the Consilium that have earned the right to be honored for their experience, deeds, wisdom and power. They are not beholden to obedience to others, but likewise, their lessers are not expected to grant that to them, either.
    • In truth, this is mostly irrelevant - the cabal is not part of a Consilium.
  • Rite of Hospitality: The cabal agrees to grant other mages who request it Hospitality. They will provide for other mages for up to a given time, and protect them during such instances. In return, they have the right to request Hospitality of other cabals.
  • Rite of Nemesis: The cabal agrees to not interfere in the challenges and battles between other magi, unless those conflicts affect them. In return, they can expect to have their own conflicts respected. They are also expected to not take advantage of the cabal’s distraction in a time of strife.
  • Rite of Sanctuary: The cabal agrees that the Santums and other declared Holdings of other cabals and magi of the Consilium are sacrosanct, and agree to not interfere with, invade or otherwise have anything negative to do with those Holdings. In return, other mages give them the same forbearance.
    • This is a difficult one to partake in, as it requires that they make announcements of their holdings at other Consilii, who are not required to honor their declarations. Likewise, a foreign Consilium is not required to share announcements of Holdings with them, either.

[edit] Lesser Analogues

Unlike the Great Rights, these are the individual rituals and traditions observed by the cabal. See Lesser Analogues for some examples.

  • X: X

[edit] Cabal Merits

This is a space to indicate Merits shared by PCs within the cabal.

  • Sanctum: 1 (Strength)
  • Sanctum: 1 (Area)
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