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Far beyond the bustling city-states that comprise the Adaloostian Alliance, sits a long forgotten Temple - nestled in the scrublands lays a Forgotten Temple. Much of it's exterior has been worn to dust by the harsh winds that blow across the vast plains that comprise the scrublands. Inside the main entrance, is a large antechamber - build into the hillside beyond, off of which are two smaller chambers, which the Jedi have converted into a makeshift communications center and storage area. Beyond the antechamber, an ancient stone stair leads deeper into the earth - and into the complex of rooms that serve various purposes for the Jedi occupants that have recently taken up residence. The largest room has been converted into an open dormitory and galley - giving just enough room for the dozen or so Jedi that reside here. Further into the complex, the Jedi have set up a handful of meditation chambers, work spaces, and a library. The final two spaces have been reserved for facility services (including a small fusion generator and droid repair bay) and Master Ooma Oobooda's personal quarters. There are known to be deeper chambers under the main sub-floor - but attempts to explore them have been met with technical difficulties and formal protests from the local government.

Jedi and Attendees


Jedi Master Ooma Oobooda - Ranking Jedi of Adaloosta-Rae. As a Celegian, the jellyfish like Jedi must spend his time within an isolation tank filled with the toxic gases of his home-world. Master Oobooda is a skilled adept at numerous advanced Force Powers, owing largely to his complete ignorance of the Lightsaber. As he is unable to speak - Master Oobooda relies on his races natural telepathy or a service droid if telepathy is unwarranted.

Master Oobooda is a reclusive figure, and while his isolation tank is capable of its own locomotion (through six articulated droid legs) - the Jedi spends much of his time within his private chambers - deep in meditation. This is not to say that he is absent from the needs of the Order here in the Obrimm Drift - only that the venerable Jedi prefers to prepare younger more mobile Jedi to up hold the virtues of the Order.

When the Celegian Jedi requires interaction for local government officials - he calls upon one of the three TA-DL service droids assigned to the Temple. To effectively communicate with the droids, Master Oobooda has developed his own personal form of sign language and taught it to the droids so that they may act as his translator when necessary.


Jedi Amoon - Jedi Technician. While most Amani are considered primitive and uncivilized - coming from the tribal societies of Maridun - Amoon has served the Jedi Order for decades and gained a substatinial understanding of technology. He was assigned to Adaloosta-Rae at Master Oobooda's request.



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Jedi Feltarik - Jedi Historian




TA-DL - Service Droid