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Security: B

A middle-class community, Gentilly originally served as something of a bedroom community. It is, in many ways, a very blue-collar part of town, with numerous residential areas. Gentilly is separated from the Little Venice area of town by the Little Venice levee and the Gentilly Canal.

Dillard University

A private, faith-based liberal arts college, Dillard University is historically associated with the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church. It is well-known for its fantastic gospel choirs. In 2048, student riots forced the university to extend its definition of “faith-based” to cover all modern religions, and Dillard University has earned its reputation as the most progressive interfaith university in the South (though occasionally this has resulted in protests and even terrorist actions from those whose agendas include some notion of religious purity or anti-magical bias).

Dillard University is also headquarters to the New Orleans Spiritual Diversity Council, a non-profit organization that offers moderation services and legal aid with the stated goal of establishing dialogue and intercommunications between different faiths.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

A major Southern Baptist seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention, this institution is non-profit and private. Located just outside of Gentilly Woods, the seminary has earned a reputation for producing some of the most hellfire-and-brimstone preachers in Louisiana, including the famous Brother Dominic McRoark, the televangelist head of the Unified Southern Congregations of Christ and the Mayor of the Kenner Ward in the New Orleans Mayoral Council.

The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has often been forced by the court of public opinion to curb the activities of some of its student organizations. Currently notorious is the Forty Days Fellowship, who take in those who are magically active, teaching them to “resist Satan’s temptation” to learn and use magic.

Likewise, an investigative reporter discovered that the Baptist Metahuman Convention – a gathering of many of the university’s metahuman population (who are distinctly in the minority) – basically serves as a dumping ground for the unwanted metahuman population in the university, going so far as to “prove” themselves worthy of God’s love by performing miserable hazing and being recruited by other student organizations to perform unpaid clean-up and other menial services at university functions. The Baptist Metahuman Convention is also notorious for sending ork and troll members on missionary work into Orktown and other metahuman-focused areas of NOLA.

Hebrew Rest Cemetery

Because of religious beliefs, Hebrew Rest Cemetary was built up on a hill overlooking the surrounding area, allowing the bodies to be buried rather than interred in above-ground crypts. During the Year of the Comet, the Hebrew Rest Cemetary was a nexus of shedim activity in New Orleans — only the concentration of magicians at neighboring Dillard University prevented too much damage to the neighboring residences, as the shedim seemed to be attracted to the high concentration of magic in the University.

London Avenue Canal

The main drainage canal that runs right through the middle of Gentilly, the London Avenue Canal not only dumps rainwater into Lake Pontchartrain, but also serves as a small boat traffic channel. The canal is well-known for the various peddler-boats that run up and down its length, selling food, alcohol and other goods to the canal-side parks and Dillard University grounds.

Joseph Bartholomew Memorial Golf Course

Named for a renowned African American golf course designer and landscaper of the early 1900s, this golf course was the first golf course of the South to allow African Americans to play its courses (properly speaking, it was a golf course built to maintain segregation in the early 1900s). Today, it still serves as the golf course for many of those individuals that can’t afford the high-society courses in New Orleans.

Gentilly Woods Cooperative Residential Group

Security: A

One of the finer neighborhoods in Gentilly, Gentilly Woods residents voted in 2035 to wall off their neighborhood, and hired a non-NOPS police force to patrol its streets. The residents and businesses of Gentilly Woods combined their financial power to form the Gentilly Woods Cooperative Residential Group, a legal entity treated as a corporation for the purpose of extraterritoriality.

The Gentilly Woods CRG is walled off from the rest of the Gentilly neighborhood, with access controlled via six well-guarded outposts. The security for the CRG is maintained by a previously-unknown security firm, Ranger Security Services. These “Gentilly Rangers,” as they are called, dislike the presence of the NOPS on their turf, and tend to make life difficult for the NOPS when they come snooping around the CRG.

Gentilly Lace

During the day this establishment is used as gallery showspace or rented out for recitals and weddings. The owners give preferential rates to esspresions of the arts. Thursday thru Saturday evening this turns into a club favoring live performances from magical performers. It is well know for its astral shows and its ability to make connections with the young mages of Dillard students.

Claude’s Sports Bar & Eatery

Claude’s is a popular sports bar in the Gentilly neighboorhood. This two level bar is centred around a large (approximatly 6 feet across) Trid player, that sits at the centre of an open indoor courtyard. Tables on the 2nd story balcony all have an excellent view of the Trid Player, which is alwyas displaying a major sporting event of some sort. Various flat panel screens line the walls and show less important events. There is a game room at the back of the bar that has a half dozen pool tables, and a pair of ping pong tables. On occasion, Claude will close down the games room for "Private Parties".

Run by a large cajun Troll (and fromer second string Urban Brawl player) named Claude, this bar serves a wide variety of beers and a damn fine gumbo. Most of the people who come here to eat are blue collar neighborhood folk, but SIN’s are not closely checked since Claude dosen’t give a shit as long as your money is good.

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