Les Cousins

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Les Cousins

Les Cousins are a family-based syndicate of Cajun smugglers that specialize in operating right under the noses of the authorities and other less subtle smugglers. To the Cousins, the ideal smuggler is like a gator – he blends into the environment, goes where he likes unseen and doesn’t hesitate to strike out. He’s a master of violence and stealth, and his strength is unquestionable.

At this point, Les Cousins are actually made up of several Cajun smuggler families, and span all of Louisiana, eastern Texas and into the bayous of Alabama. The leaders of the cells are referred to as “Rex,” as a title, in use similar to the term “Don” in the Mafia (and in fact was likely inspired by precisely that).

The Rex of Les Cousins in NOLA proper is called the Gator Rex – he is a tall, powerfully built troll Gator shaman by the name of Lockjaw. The Gator Rex and his Cousins work out of the Smuggler’s Market, in Little Venice. Smuggler’s Market is at the northern edge of the city and serves as a market, port of repairs and exchange hub.

Lockjaw even has boys in among the crew at the nearby New Orleans Lakefront Airport who are able to grab shipments of materials smuggled aboard legitimate airlines and transport planes. Within an hour, they can have just such a package loaded aboard one of the maintenance boats used by the airport to keep the foundational structure of the airport sound, and zipping across the mouth of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (which separates the NOLA Airport and Smuggler’s Haven).

Smugglers know that Lockjaw and his Cousins consider themselves smugglers first and foremost, and uphold a code of brotherhood in that regard – smugglers get preferential treatment at the Market, which is a welcome change from most smuggler havens that are run by one mob or the other.

The only other truly notable Cousin is Amelia, Lockjaw’s niece. Lockjaw paid for her gear and chrome himself when he saw how interested in the Matrix and hacking his sister’s girl was, and the two have been inseparable ever since. She handles the books and keeps track of everything for the Cousins. She’s also been taught to be a proper rigger by other Cousins, making her a very talented young woman indeed.

Most of the Cousins generally agree – Lockjaw looks like he’s grooming Amelia as his replacement. The old gator shaman was a runner in the 50’s, so he’s been around for a while; he’s definitely in at least his mid-40s, and what little hair he’s got left is snow white.

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