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The Shaker of the Pillars, Court of Jupiter

Rank 2 Storm Spirit

Quote: <<My fury shakes the world, from the highest firmament to the very pillars of the earth. Do not test my wrath.>>

Background: A storm spirit of the Court of Jupiter, Peritinaktês vents his wrath through great peals of thunder and terrible strokes of lightning. The Shaker of the Pillars generally slumbers in the skies of the Shadow over Lake Michigan, but awakens when a storm rolls in off the Lake.

Description: Peritinaktês appears in the form of a massive thunderhead on the horizon, though when he chooses to, the clouds coalesce into the form of a storm-grey Clydesdale, with tin hooves that arc with barely restrained lightning.

Summon: When summoned during times of stormy weather, Peritinaktês comes joyfully, happy to have some focus for his fury. In times of muggy or rainy weather, he seems sleepy and listless and it often requires some measure of cajoling to get him to lend aid. When summoned in times of clear weather, he arrives furious at being awakened in the midst of weather he detests. Peritinaktês always worsens the weather of the place he is summoned to, deepening cloud cover and rain density, arriving with a peal of thunder regardless of the weather.

  • Attributes: Power 6, Finesse 2, Resistance 6; Willpower: 12; Essence: 15; Initiative: 8; Defense: 6; Speed: 18; Size: 6; Corpus: 12
  • Influences: Weather 2; Numina: Blast (thunder), Invoke the Wind’s Wrath, Material Vision, Reaching, Telekinesis (manifesting as sudden gusts of winds that move things around); Bans: Storm spirits may not cooperate with any spirits of the Court of the Sun, and indeed must immediately enter battle with any they encounter.