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The Randall Collection is a set of books of sufficient lore to constitute an Occult Library ••, when added to an already-existing Occult Library •, granting a Specialty in Werewolves. Additionally, the books also contain within them a number of Rites and the methods and techniques for performing them.

The Modern Corpus

2 books, English
Two of them are written in what appear to be store-bought sketch pads, but they are journals, and written in English. The dates on them run from about the 1970s through the 2000s. On the inside of the earliest book, someone has sketched what looks like a family crest, showing a helmet with a wolf on top above a square shield with three lions. Above it is the motto "Nil extra numerum" ("Nothing out of time"), and the name RANDALL beneath it.

The Excerpts

1 book, English
One is also written in English, although it appears to be a journal of entries copied from other sources, particularly journals and letters. They are dated, reaching back from the 1600s through to the late 1800s.

  • Faoladh Blessing: Sacred Hunt ••; Presence + Occult, a druidic rite once used to bless hunting packs of Irish werewolves.

The English Manuscripts

2 books, Middle English • 1 book, Old English
Two of them are written in what looks like Middle English, and so she can struggle through them somewhat; another is definitely written in Old English. There is nothing but writing in these.

  • Sanctify Nemeton: Wellspring ••; Intelligence + Occult; druidic rite used to prepare sacred space.

The Futhark Codices

3 books, Old Norse
Three of them are clearly old manuscripts, all written in what look like Elder Futhark runes. There are a variety of odd illustrations or designs throughout them as well, obscure enough to not provide much insight into what they are.

  • The Hard Revel: Harness the Cycle •; Stamina + Socialize, involving consuming intoxicants and hallucinogens in excess.

The Latinate Manuscripts

2 books, Church Latin • 1 book, Scots Gaelic (in Church Latin alphabet)
Two are written in what appears to be Church Latin, and another is written in the style of Church Latin, except that the words are visibly Gaelic.

  • Otherworldly Petition: Banish •; Wits + Expression, composing written enjoinders to depart, and then burning them.