Shamanic Lodges

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The following are the known shamanic lodges in New Orleans.

The Green Tenders

Location: Little Venice

Tradition: Shaman

Purpose: To defend and tend to the Circle in Little Venice, helping the local squatters learn how to tend the land in order to feed themselves once again.

Members: 5

Hierarchy: The Green Tenders maintain no hierarchy, led as they are by consensus.

Avatar: None

Individual Strictures: Deed (perform some task for the good of the Circle or local squatters), Fraternity, Service (tending to the Circle)

Group Strictures: None

Resources/Dues: Squatter, no Dues. The Green Tenders live out of a large, abandoned house just north of the Green in Little Venice.

Patron: None

Description and Customs: The Green Tenders were founded by the dwarven boar shaman known as Miss Sarah, shortly after she moved to Little Venice. Originally from a rural area, she knew how to grow crops and the like – and despite the prevalence of free, open land in Little Venice, much of it covered with rich, fertile mud, the squatters still all ate soy and similar “faux food,” as she put it.

The group was founded after a krewe decided they were going to help themselves to Miss Sarah’s gardening work. She nearly died defending them, but when they came back, Kade, one of the squatters in the area, suddenly stepped up and went to her aid with magic – as it turned out, he was a street shaman, and wasn’t going to stand by and watch them take the literal fruits of her labors.

The two of them founded the group – she providing the knowledge, and he providing the desire and willingness to help the locals. Kade died about a year ago, in the big war that nearly consumed Little Venice between Mama Rigeur and the Krewe of Cinnabar. His death caused Miss Sarah and the others to officially withdraw their aid in the war, despite Mama Rigeur’s previous help in a number of affairs.

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