Shattered Covenant Faction NPCs

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The Emerald Enclave

Dryad, Autumnreaver, Pyrvaris's Sponsor
The dryad Darkleaf is the sole dryad of the small Blackwood, in the Delimbiyr Vale. She is a friendly, smiling sort, and took immediately to Pyrvaris, despite his part in the ignition of a forest fire that burned a section of the Blackwood.
Druid, Summerstrider
Brevanne considers the Delimbiyr Vale her responsibility as a druid. She can often be found in and around Daggerford, and is known for not just being accompanied by one or more owls, but for taking owl shapes by preference.

The Harpers

Whorbi Worldthrone
Senior Harpsage, Akheron's Sponsor
One of the first apprentices of Lord Ahmadar of the Seven Runes. With this nephew in need of some degree of magical tutelage, Whorbi was thrilled to take him on. In short order, she found his willingness to help and gruff decency a good match for the Harpers, so she recruited him as his sponsor.

The Zhentarim

Clint Brickwell
Zentarim Viper, Mercenary Captain, Quel's Sponsor
The captain of the Rime Coil saw something in the young swordsman and gambler Quel. He lured him first into his bed, then into his mercenary troop, and ultimately into the Zhentarim. Though he was disappointed that Quel chose to strike out on his own, he continues to act as the half-elf's advocate in the Black Network. The two get together whenever Quel finds himself near wherever the Rime Coil is stationed.
Caissa Lembeck
Zhentarim Viper, The Silver Talents
A consummate pickpocket and sneak-thief, Caissa uses her skills to gather information for the Zhentarim. She and her partner Shauna travel fairly extensively through the North. The two took on Scalefist as a bodyguard for a while, and found his willingness to apply violence to whatever problem presented itself useful, and sponsored him into the Zhentarim.
Shauna Merrenroe
Zhentarim Viper, The Silver Talents
While Caissa rifles through a mark's possessions, Shauna takes care of them in their bed. The two have a running competition to see who is better at securing a target's secrets. Shauna was delighted by Scalefist's utter brutality, and insisted that they should make room for him in the Network as soon as they could manage.