Spires of Morning

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Spires of the Morning
Temple of Lathander
Founded 998 DR
Population: 280 total
250 clergy (30 clerics, 22 bards, 198 priests; 220 ordained priests, 30 acolytes)
30 temple guards (20 paladins, 10 temple guard)
High Priestess: High Radiance Qannae Ilarynyn
Organizations: Order of the Aster (paladins)
Noble Patrons: House Crommor, House Gost
Curse removal, healing, ritual, social
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: Artistic, athletic, hopeful
Primary Classes: Cleric, paladin, bard, monk (sun soul)
Alignments: LG, NG, N, CG, CN
Faction Ranks
Awakened: Rank 1. You are a sworn servant of Lathander, and ordained as novice clergy within the temple. You aid higher ranking priests in the sacred rites of the temple, and perform some basic services for lay worshippers in need of one-on-one aid.

Dawnbringer: Rank 3. You are a fully ordained priest of the temple's order, with the right to perform all the rites and services of the temple, save those reserved for the high priest or priestess.
High Radiance: Rank 10. You bear the title of High Radiance of the Spries, responsible for tending to the proper rites of worship to the Morninglord within these hallowed halls, and to the training of priests. Its success and prosperity are wholly within your keeping.

A walled compound surrounding seven towers crafted of dusky rose marble, accented and capped with fine scrollwork of copper, silver and gold that reflected the dawn's light. More than two hundred priests are based out of the Spires, as is the Order of the Aster, a Lathanderan order of knights.

Temple Personages

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Other Clergy

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Knights of the Aster

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Other Personages




Temple Layout

  • The Dawn Towers: Sanctuaries for the faithful and clergy alike who are in need of a peaceful place of meditation and prayer, the Dawn Towers are understood to be quiet-only places.

First Floor

  • Great Hall: A gathering place for the social interactions among all the faithful - clergy and lay persons alike - that are a central tenet of Lathander's creed, the Great Hall has persons sitting, eating and drinking and discussing at almost all hours of the day. Visitors are of course welcome, whether or not they are of the faithful.
  • Kitchens: The massive operation of the temple kitchens is working at all hours, preparing food for the coming meal. About a third of the food the kitchen produces are taken to the poor and needy in other districts, and the kitchens also brew an ale - Aster Ale - that is popular in many Castle, Sea and North Wards, the sale of which is a great boon to the temple's coffers. Many wives of the faith also purchase hand-casks from the kitchens here for their own pantries.
  • Chapterhouse of the Aster: The war-room and gathering place for the leaders of the Order of the Aster, this room frequently sees gatherings to discuss ongoing operations and the logistics of the Order. It is fairly common to find the High Dawnknight here with any number of other knights, going over details, debriefing missions and the like. The walls here are bedecked with many shields, each a trophy of war of some great victory of the Order's.
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Surrounding Rectories

Many of the buildings around the Spires of Morning are owned by the church and have been converted into rectory space for its many priests. Many of these are local rowhouses that are either constructed dormitory-style for acolytes and under-priests, or rooming-house style for priests of greater status.


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