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Though the Marukani do have settlements and even a city or two, the Marukani themselves - like the Delzahn of the South - still choose to uphold the nomad's way of life as inherently superior. Though some of them Marukani choose to remain in settled areas to facilitate trade, most Marukani spend only a few weeks out of the year in the various steadings and clanhalls they maintain in these settled areas. For the most part, they follow their herds of horses, tending to them and continuing to travel from watering hole to watering hole, avoiding overburdening any singular stretch of land with the sheer number of horses they've raised.

[edit] Marukani Settlements

  • Celeren: Capital city of the Marukan Alliance, and set of power of the Mayhiros clan.
  • Mishaka: A small walled town where the Battle of Mishaka was fought, driving back the Dragon-Blooded led armies of Thorns. Known for its hatred of mercenaries and Nexus.
  • Deren's Ford: The smallest of the Marukan Range Towns.

  • Marukan: A rare few Marukani - including the majority of the Mayhiros clan Dragon-Blooded - learn the techniques of Lightning Hoof style, considering it not just a useful fighting style, but an expression of Marukani culture and history.
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