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| style="background:black; color:white" | <div style="text-align: center; font-size: 180%">University of Astoria</div>
| style="background:black; color:white" | <div style="text-align: center; font-size: 180%">University of Astoria</div>
|'''Characters:''' [[Faculty|University of Astoria Faculty]] • [[University of Astoria Students|Students]]
|<br>'''Characters:''' [[University of Astoria Faculty|Faculty]] • [[University of Astoria Students|Students]]
|'''Mechanics:''' [[Status (University of Astoria)]]

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University of Astoria

Characters: FacultyStudents
Mechanics: Status (University of Astoria)

Main Campus



  • Clatsop Hall: x
  • Student Center: x
  • Library: x
  • Athletics Center: x


  • Alter Hall: x
  • Art Center: x
  • Columbia Hall: x
  • Patriot Hall: x
  • Towler Hall: x
  • Hartnett Hall: x
  • Richmond Science Center: x
  • Innis Hall: x
  • Kant Hall: x
  • Delphis Hall: x

Greek Row

The Greek Row Houses are provided by the university as an invitation to Greek society groups. The intention is that they are given one of the on-campus houses as their headquarters for no more than five years, encouraging them to grow to a size where they can establish their own fraternity housing nearby. This has worked well, attracting fraternities to the university so shortly after its founding.

  • Alpha Tau Omega (Fraternity): x
  • Alpha Phi Omega (Service Cofraternity): x
  • Delta Omicron Sigma (Veterans' Cofraternity): x
  • Phi Sigma Nu (Native American Cofraternity): x
  • Pi Kappa Alpha (Fraternity): x
  • Theta Phi Alpha (Sorority): x

Dormitory Quads

The UofA Dorms are all built along the same lines, arranged around a central quad that serves as a place for recreation and relaxation, a central social hub for many of the students. Many of these quads also have small street-food cart vendors set up there from midday to just before dark, providing quick and easy food outside of the Student Center's food court.

  • Kayman Hall: x
  • Redhawk Hall: x
  • Garza Hall: x
  • Bendall Hall: x
  • Sanders Hall: x
  • Reyes Hall: x
  • Under Construction: x

Sports Programs

  • Basketball: x
  • Baseball: x
  • Cross Country: The cross-country team meets year-round, with three meets a year. Athletes outside of their usual training or competition seasons are usually encouraged to join the cross country team as a way of staying in shape.
  • Rugby: The Bandits have a rugby team. Full practice begins in February, and matches start in April.
  • Swim: x
  • Wrestling: The Bandits also have a double-handful of wrestlers, spread about evenly though the weight class. The season runs from October to March.

University Schedule

Fall Term 2012

  • Move-in for First-year and Transfer Students: Mon, Sep 17
  • New Student Orientation: Wed, Sep 19 - Fri, Sep 21
  • Opening Exercises & Freshman Convocation: Sat, Sep 22 - Sun, Sep 23
  • First Day of Classes: Mon, Sep 24
  • Midterms: Mon, Oct 22 - Fri, Oct 26
  • Homecoming & Family Weekend: Sat, Oct 27 - Sun, Oct 28
  • Thanksgiving Break: Thurs, Nov 22 - Fri, Nov 23
  • Fall Term Classes End: Fri, Nov 30
  • Finals: Mon, Dec 3 - Fri, Dec 7
  • Graduation: Sat, Dec 8

Winter Break 2012 - 2013

  • Sat, Dec 8 - Sun, Jan 6