Ward Rite

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The second ritual that all magi are taught, the Ward Rite is used to defend a room and prevent the use of illicit magics there. The magus walks the circumference of the area to be warded at midnight, outlining it with the Sword of Warding and purifying it with rich incenses. This is an exhausting hour-long rite (Concentration, diff 10).

Arcanum: Ward

Ritual Elements: Increased Ritual Time (1 hour; +4), Ritual Materials (Wealth 15 incenses; +2), Ritual Materials (Sword of Warding; +4), Ritual Timing (Midnight; +1). Sometimes, assistants are or more expensive materials are used. Total Élan: 11

Élan Traits: Maintenance Loop (Major), Fatigue Resistance (+2); additional élan is used for Greater Power traits.