Werewolf Regeneration

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  • Bashing Damage: Automatically heal one bashing damage per turn, in any shape.
  • Lethal Damage: Lethal damage heals at an interval of fifteen minutes, using the Natural Healing rules. Add Primal Urge to all Healing tests.
  • Aggravated Damage: Aggravated damage heals at normal rates. Add Primal Urge to all Healing tests.
  • Poisons & Diseases: With a rare few exceptions, werewolves are immune to poisons and diseases.
  • Combat Tilts: A werewolf may spend 1 Essence to remove a Combat Tilt that comes from bodily impairment or damage.

Halt Healing (Resolve •••, Harmony •)

  • May spend 1WP to cause regeneration to stop for one scene. May end as a reflexive action.

Comforting Touch (Harmony ••, Empathy ••)

  • May alleviate pain by touch from a packmate (or anyone at Harmony •••).
  • Reduce pain penalties by your Harmony; you gain -1 pain penalty.
  • Both last for ten times amount of time touched.
  • Upon achieving Harmony •••, this touch may be used on anyone, pack or otherwise.