Whispered Word Rite

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The first ritual that all young magi of the Whispered Word are taught, the Circle of Morning is a preparatory spell, meant to create potent defenses for the magus to last him through the day. The magus spends the first half hour of his day bulwarking his mind, whispering the ancient words of defense. Many magi bless themselves with the Wand of Purity to achieve greater élan, but it is not necessary.

The first time the magus' Psychic Shield is triggered, he is considered to have automatically rolled 20s for the purpose of that defense. For every 2 additional élan, this can be triggered one additional time per day.

Arcanum: Psychic Shield

Ritual Elements: Increased Time (30 minutes; +3), Ritual Timing (At Dawn; +1), Ritual Location (Cabalistic Circle; +1); sometimes Ritual Material (Wand of Purity; +5). Total Élan: 5 or 10

Élan Traits: Future Trigger, Arcana Mastery; Stone of Clarity used to buy additional Future Trigger, for a total of Future Trigger (x3)