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The Hotel Regina started out its life as a tavern inn in the 1880s. As time passed and the money moved further and further away from the docks, the Hotel Regina became more of a saloon and flophouse, though a well-beloved one.


[edit] Merits

Regina Property Grounds

The following Merits are invested into the Hotel Regina.

[edit] Main Hotel

  • Sanctum Security: 3
  • Sanctum Size: 2
  • Hallow: 5

[edit] Regina Athenaeum

  • Sanctum Security: 1
  • Sanctum Size: 1
  • Athenaeum: 1

[edit] Regina Grounds

The grounds of the Regina abut the Columbia River on a small stretch of territory between two warehouses in the portion of the riverfront that only recently ceased to be an active fish cannery.

  • Private Docks: The hotel features its own private two level docks: a portion of docks down at the level of the river, and a second deck above those allowing an excellent view of the river.
  • Gardens: The gardens of the Regina are expansive and very beautiful, divided into many private nooks, featuring various statues of angels and mythological figures. The whole of it is connected by a walkway of individual stepping stones here and there.

[edit] First Floor

| First Floor Detail

The first floor features a wrap-around piazza, with its long end facing the street. The cabal have converted some of the spaces into more public offices (leased out only to those they know, of course).

Storyteller Characters: The following ST Characters can frequently be found on this floor: Ophelia Rosetti (in her office), Mitchell Flavel (doing part-time work for Ophelia), Tobias Helmes (in the Rainy Day Investigations office), Meredith Roberts (wandering about)

  • Rainy Day Investigations: A very modestly set-up office space with three desks (one facing the entrance, one with its back to the hearth and one against the windows), only one of which clearly sees regular use: Tobias Helmes' desk, against the windows.
  • Rosetti Specialty Barristry Services: Ophelia has made good use of this section. She has placed her filing cabinets and a spare workspace behind the old hotel's large, curving antique desk for the use of whichever of her often-traveling employees are in-office. The rest of the space is divided down the middle by a large, impressive set of plant-topped two-sided bookcases. The portion of the office with the doors from the outside is done in a luxurious waiting-room style, with a small coffee station and comfortable seating. The other half has Ophelia's desk, a massive hardwood piece of furniture situated in front of the hearth, and two more smaller desks against the windows.
  • Kitchens: The Hotel's kitchens are large and equipped with state of the art appliances and storage, thanks to the cabal's renovations. Ophelia makes a point of having bi-weekly deliveries of food and similar goods, with an emphasis on quick-fix foods and easy to prepare meal ingredients. In the mornings, she has also made a tradition of preparing large breakfasts, a task that Mitchell has taken to joining her in.
    • China Closet: Also referred to as "dishes central," this room is tightly packed with storage for dining-ware, as well as the industrial washing machinery used to keep it clean.
    • Pantry: Formerly a very large pantry space, Ophelia has converted this space to a communal dining space. There is a large square table in the center of the room, capable of seating a dozen people, and a sideboard with snacks and pots of coffee and tea-fixings.
    • Storage: A smaller area that serves as a pantry for bulk food items and other things there is no space to store in the kitchen proper.

Some of the other areas of this floor are either unusued, or simply in general use by the inhabitants of the building.

  • Saloon & Billiard Room: X
    • Card Rooms: X
  • Dining Hall: X

[edit] Second Floor

| Second Floor Detail

The second floor is allocated to the use of the cabal alone. This is the site of the majority of the internal changes to the hotel. Bathrooms are marked with a "Lav" symbol.

  • Serafina's Suite: X
    • Bedroom: X
    • Main Room: X
    • Bathroom: X. Interestingly, this room also features a secret door into a passage that leads onto the landing of the stairs leading down to the first floor, as well as a small concealed nook on the roof outside.
  • Malachite's Suite: Malachite's rooms are all clean lines and stark contrasts—sleek, ultramodern furniture; black and white color scheme; expensive, bleeding-edge electronics. But despite its apparent luxury, Malachite's space is oddly spartan. There are no knick-knacks, mementos, or personal photographs. Even his comic books are neatly ordered and organized.
    • Bedroom: Dominating the room is Malachite's bed, king-sized with a black wrought iron frame and plush white bedclothes. On the wall opposite is a black display case with frosted glass shelves containing several large geodes, various cut gemstones, and a hefty chunk of malachite as its centerpiece. An easel stands in a corner near the window, holding several half-finished charcoal drawings, Malachite's lastest artistic endeavor.
    • Main Room: Just outside Malachite's bedroom, a wall-mounted flat screen TV with surround sound speakers faces a black-framed, L-shaped couch with white cushions and black throw pillows. A matching chair and a frosted glass lamp provide a cozy reading area near one of the windows. The book shelves and end tables are all black metal and frosted glass. At the opposite end of the room is Malachite's desk, also black metal and frosted glass and covered with shiny, state-of-the-art electronics—softly thrumming computer with multiple flat panel monitors; wireless mouse and virtual keyboard; charging pad with laptop, smartphone, and a handful of disposable, untraceable cell phones.
    • Bathroom: The black-and-white color scheme extends into the bathroom, with black tiles dotting the white tiled floor and shower. The shower is ridiculously roomy, with six massaging spray nozzles in addition to the regular shower head. The bathroom shelves and shower doors are frosted glass, and the bathtub is a black oval garden tub big enough for at least two people.
  • Rasayana's Suite:
    • Reception: A sparsely furnished open area with a plush rug divides Melvin's living space from a small room shut behind folding doors. A dimmer controls two art-deco wall torches, and an end-table hides an exercise mat, sneakers and ankle weights. A polished-chrome stereo tuner and eight-track sound better than when they left the factory.
    • Bedroom: Rasayana's bedroom is a study in gently-tamed chaos. There's a well-traveled watch, a Kindle, and a single, water-clear diamond earring on the night stand. Under the neatly-made bed is a locked pistol safe, holding a small semi-auto pistol, a cleaning kit, and ammunition purchased with cash. The weapon is reverently maintained. A big leather blotter nearly covers the small desk. A Rolodex sits beside the old-fashioned desk lamp, and a Filofax, Apple Newton, a “Getting Things Done” tickler file, and a spring-loaded phone number file all sit on top of a neat pile of dog-eared Moleskine notebooks. There is a fancy box for displaying vintage fountain pens, but it sits empty under the bed and the pens are in a cup on the desk, along with an Uzi pen with a self-defense striking point. A crystal candy jar holds flower petals and crumpled sheets of paper, grimy and scrawled with a half-dozen different handwritings. The Thinkpad tablet under the desk is hot from constant charging.
      The closet holds sensible, earth-toned suits and blazers and a body armor vest. A cardboard box of Melvin's self-empowerment books is on the closet shelf. There are a few framed professional recognitions and certificates on the walls, as well as motivational posters. In small oval picture frame, a professional-looking woman in her late 30s humors the camera with a tolerant smile.
    • Bathroom: Spare and neat like the rest of the suite. Vintage dual-edge razor and an old-fashioned badger brush on a chrome stand. There is a wooden valet and a small clothes steamer for last-minute wrinkles.
    • Craft Room: Across from the bedroom through the double doors is a craft room with a worn but sturdy table. A big frame on the back wall holds double doors. Inside is a pegboard with a sparse but growing collection of hand tools. Several fishing flies sit in a small box nearby. There is a stash of yarn, receipt still in the bag, in a clear plastic bin with a dozen potholders.
      A clever, hidden catch opens the pegboard. Behind it is a cork bulletin board, cluttered with photos and descriptions of local sites and of the cabal's mentors. Chalk arrows and bits of pushpinned yarn criscross the wall crazily. Photos and descriptions of known Seers of the Throne and accusations levied against the Magnum Opus fill the corners in an abstract, spiraling mind map. An odd, tangled cat's cradle of different colored threads is pinned at the bottom of the corkboard across what could be a timeline. Each thread begins at a small paper flag with initials written on it in Melvin's neat, block handwriting. Most of the threads lead to Post-It notes with question marks pinned to the end of the thread.
  • Issa's Suite: Issa's not entirely used to having so much personal space on a long term basis & has found a small sense of pride in it. While his space is somewhat crude, bare & basic, he's pretty meticulous about it being kept tidy. In addition to himself & Kesho, he tends to have a variety of other free roaming pets. Issa's entire living space smells a lot like himself; a strong mixture of incense, body odor, animal fur, mango, coffee, cigarettes, marijuana & chocolate.
    • Bedroom: A box/mattress & nightstand in the corner. A tie-dyed futon sits across from an entertainment system crammed with a television and a number of gaming systems and games. He has a small refrigerator crammed with snacks, soda & liquor. He has a short book shelf with a few books on it that also serves as a coffee station with a dart board above it. He has a very cluttered tagati altar & work/craft table against one wall with an FBI-style cork board above it with photos, names & data of his family tree & known seers. The rest of his room is decorated primarily with black light posters, a variety of drums, odd African and/or animal statues/trinkets and the floor of the room is dominated by a massive purple rug with peace symbols on it. Having spent a considerable number of years living out of duffel bags, the concept of hangars eludes him, thus his closet serves as little more than host to an assortment of duffel bags & piles of laundry.
    • Bathroom: This is where Issa keeps his tooth brush.
    • Kesho's Room: Kesho spends most of his time near & prefers to sleep with Issa, so this room gets little use. A massive mound of bedding & IKEA sheepskin is in one corner of the room and two large mixing bowls in another corner that serves as Kesho's food & water bowls. The room is otherwise bare (until Issa gets a pool table in there).
  • Autumn's Suite: X
    • Library: X
    • Haunt: X
    • Bedroom: X
    • Bathroom: X
  • Guest Bedrooms: X

[edit] Third Floor

| Third Floor Detail

This level is roughly divided into two sections: the Sanctum space and the rest of the floor, which is largely unused (with the space being saved for future necessities).

[edit] The Sanctum

The cabal has walled away these sections of the hotel however, keeping them from general accessibility save through a single, well-controlled back staircase.

  • Hallow Center: A room with thick carpets and a great many pillows strewn about the floor, often used for sitting and meditating, or lying on the floor to stargaze through the great skylights (the Oblation used to gather Mana from the Hallow). Just above head level are a variety of shelves and hanging baskets of flowering plants, all of which seem to reach for the skylights. Uncollected Mana from the Hallow manifest here as Tass, in the form of blossoming flowers.

[edit] Other Spaces

The rest of this floor is made up of a variety of small rooms with (mostly) neither residents nor purpose.

  • Armory: Malachite has begun constructing an arsenal room for the safe storage of weaponry and other martial gear for the rest of the cabal.

[edit] Regina Athenaeum

Regina Athenaeum

Autumn has turned the former servant's quarters, across the garden from the Hotel proper, into a burgeoning Mysterium Athenaeum. Because this building lies outside of the Regina's wards proper, the cabal decided it would be the perfect building to serve in that capacity - it allows Mysterium mages to visit without necessarily permitting them access through the Regina's wards.

Each floor of this building is externally accessed - there are no internal connections between the floors.

  • First Floor: X
  • Second Floor: X
  • Basement: X

[edit] The Original Hotel

[edit] Photo Details

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